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Oct 18   The Expansion of Union Turnpike and the Relocation of the Motor Parkway East of Winchester Boulevard

Oct 17   Mystery Fotos #42 Solved: A 1948 Picnic at Lowell Thomas’ Home in Pawling, New York

Oct 15   1925 Long Island Map of Queens Traffic Arteries & Proposed Highways and Parkways in Nassau & Suffolk

Oct 12   An Accident on the Motor Parkway in Garden City on July 8, 1931- Updated: 10/17/16

Oct 11   99.1 PLR Radio: AJ’s Car of the Day 1963 Ford Mustang III Concept Show Car

Oct 10   Mystery Foto #41 Solved: An Aerial of East Meadow and Levittown Circa 1949

Oct 07   The Roslyn Times: Local historian wins award

Oct 05   Vanderbilt Cup Race Historical Marker Installed on Jericho Turnpike In Westbury

Oct 04   Did This Mitchell Racer Participate in the 1908 Nassau Sweepstakes?

Oct 03   Mystery Auto Foto #40 Solved: A 1924 Wasp Touring Car Built in Bennington, Vermont

Oct 01   John E. Roosevelt Family Photo Album: The 1909 Long Island Stock Car Derby

Sep 28   The First Documented Automobile Railroad Crossing Accident in the USA as Reported in France in 1901

Sep 27   Highlights from the 10th Annual Hemmings Motor News Concours D’Elegance

Sep 26   Mystery Foto #39 Solved:The First Documented Automobile Railroad Crossing Accident in the USA Update

Sep 23   Helck Family Collection: December 1944 Esquire Article “Robertson Comes Through”

Sep 21   Status Report: The Ezekiel Smith Farmway Bridge on Maxess Road in Melville Updated: 10/16/2016

Sep 20   Helck Family Collection: The Only Known Existing Vanderbilt Cup Race Flags?

Sep 20   Mystery Foto #38 Solved: The 1965 Bertone Mustang Concept Show Car Commissioned by AQ Update:9/23/16

Sep 17   The Motor Racing Archives of Peter Helck to Become Available on

Sep 14   From the Grace Holloway Family Album: Photos of the Old Westbury Home Built by Driver Foxhall Keene

Sep 13   From a Lodgekeeper’s Family Album: A View of the Massapequa Lodge

Sep 12   Mystery Foto #37 Solved: Ralph DePalma in the Mercedes that Won the 1915 Indy 500 Race

Sep 10   Femenias’ Findings: Anatomy of an Amazing 1938 Aerial (Garden City to East Meadow)

Sep 07   From the Louis Wagner Family: A Gift for Winning the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Sep 06   The Selling of the George Vanderbilt Cup Trophy at the 1994 Hershey Region AACA Meet

Sep 05   Mystery Foto #36 Solved: Louis Chevrolet at the 1906 Ormond-Daytona Races

Sep 03   Westbury Times: Grandstand Site Raced Into History

Sep 02   Newsday: East Hills to celebrate 85th anniversary with day-long party

Sep 01   Kleiner’s Tour of the Long Island Motor Parkway and a Mystery Triangle

Aug 30   Highlights from the Town of North Hempstead 6th Annual FunDay Monday Antique Car Show

Aug 29   Mystery Friday #35 Solved: Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion #1 on a 1933 Test Run at Roosevelt Field

Aug 27   Vanderbilt Cup Racers on Glen Cove Road & Old Westbury Road & Special Exhibit “Images of East Hills”

Aug 24   The Michelin Wheel of Fortune Poster on the French 1905 Gordon Bennett Elimination Race Course

Aug 23   John E. Roosevelt Family Photo Album: Action in Hicksville During the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Aug 22   Mystery Foto #34 Solved: Newly Opened Roosevelt Field Shopping Center on October 3, 1956

Aug 20   Newsday:On the trail of LI’s lost history A grand statue,vintage cars-he’s saving them from oblivion

Aug 19 Exclusive: From the Helck Family Collection- Driver Louis Wagner

Aug 17   Frederick Gilbert Bourne- President of Singer Sewing Machine & a Long Island Motor Parkway Director

Aug 16   Tazio Nuvolari in Victory Lane After Winning the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Aug 15   Mystery Foto #33 Solved: Cornelius Vanderbilt IV, Donor of the 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Trophy

Aug 11   Starting Lineup: The 6 Cars of the 1909 Massapequa Sweepstakes

Aug 10 Exclusive: Photos from the John E. Roosevelt Family Photo Album (1909-1910)

Aug 09   October 23, 1958 Newsday: The Races That Made History

Aug 08   Mystery Foto #32 Solved:#M32 Rainier and #P43 Simplex Racing on the Opening Day of the Motor Parkway

Aug 06 Exclusive: The 100 Planned Bridges Over & Under the Long Island Motor Parkway

Aug 03   The Classic Car Summer 2016 Magazine: The Boca Raton Grand Classic

Aug 02   Charles Davis, the Good Roads Everywhere Movement and Long Island Motor Parkway License Plate #25

Aug 02   Mystery Foto #31 Solved: Willie K and Birdie Vanderbilt at the 1899 Newport Parade in a Locomobile

Jul 30   Ford Performance Manager John Clor: Mustangs that Never Were

Jul 27   Translation: October 1904 La Stampa Sportiva: The Vanderbilt Cup

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