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Mar 24   Hold the Date:Thursday, April 20, 2017 Meeting of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society

Mar 23   Mystery Friday Foto #12: Where in the World is this Section of the Long Island Motor Parkway?

Mar 22   One of the Three Known Existing 1963 Pre-Production Mustangs To Be Auctioned by Mecum in May

Mar 21   Vanderbilt Cup Races To Be Featured at the 2017 New York International Auto Show from April 14-23

Mar 20   Mystery Foto #11 Solved: Hundreds of Automobiles Seen in This 1952 Lake Success Aerial

Mar 18   Tucker 48 #1044 Featured in Newsday’s “In The Garage”

Mar 15 Exclusive: A Vanderbilt Cup Race Scrapbook Discovered in Garden City

Mar 14   An Insider’s Look into the Petit Trianon Part III: Inside the Building

Mar 13   Mystery Snowy Foto #10 Solved: The Great Neck Lodge in Lake Success Circa 1940 Update:3/14/17

Mar 11   The Dream of the Tucker Torpedo Concept Car Is Becoming A Reality

Mar 08   Screen Test Request: Film “Green Light: The Story Behind the Long Island Motor Parkway”

Mar 07   Herb Lytle: The Driver Who Participated in the First Vanderbilt Cup Race and the First Indy 500 Race

Mar 06   Mystery Foto #9 Solved: An Aerial Looking East Over Roosevelt Field. Circa 1952

Mar 04 Happy 9th Anniversary!

Mar 01   The Oldest Porcelain Road Signs in the United States Posted by the Long Island Automobile Club

Feb 28   Video: Going for a Ride in Tucker’48 #1044

Feb 27   Mystery Foto #8 Solved: Hubert LeBlon & Albert Clement Jr. at the 1906 Weigh-In at Garden City

Feb 25 Exclusive: A Motor Parkway Treasure Chest Found in Malverne

Feb 24   Hold the Date:Thursday, April 20, 2017 Meeting of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society

Feb 22   Ownership Profile of the Tucker ‘48 #1044 (1948- Present) Updated 3/9/17

Feb 21   The American Chauffeur (April 1915): Dario Resta’s Peugeot Wins Both Grand Prix and Vanderbilt Cup

Feb 20   Mystery Foto #7 Solved: Motor Parkway Bridge Posts Near Wantagh State Parkway

Feb 18   Tucker ‘48 #1044 Receives a Big Welcome at Waterfront at Roslyn

Feb 17   YouTube of the Week: Tucker: The man and the car

Feb 15   Opportunity to Purchase Your Own Chrysler’s Chrysler (Scale 1:43)

Feb 14   1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car Awarded First Place by Young Judges at the Boca Raton Concours

Feb 13   Mystery Foto #6 Solved: Theda Bara’s Film Debut in “The Stain” Filmed at Petit Trianon

Feb 11   Sam & Dave’s Excellent “Lost” Motor Parkway Adventure IV: The Motor Parkway East of Roslyn Road

Feb 10   YouTube of the Week: Cars of Tomorrow, The Tucker ‘48

Feb 08   William K. Vanderbilt Jr.‘s 1937 Book “Flying Lanes”

Feb 07   Tucker Dealerships on Long Island in 1948 Updated: 2/20/17

Feb 06   Mystery Foto #5 Solved: A Long Island Motor Parkway Aerial Near Pinelawn Cemetery Circa 1928-1930

Feb 04   Helck Family Collection: George Robertson’s Eyewitness Account of Lindbergh’s Journey to History

Feb 04   Video of the Week: Tucker: The Man and His Dream - Trailer (1988)

Feb 01   Femenias’ Findings:Finding Petit Trianon, the Annex & the Petit Trianon’s Lake Stairway Updated 3/12

Jan 31   From Scottsdale to Roslyn: The Journey of Tucker ‘48 #1044

Jan 30   Mystery Foto #4 Solved: A View of #54 Lancia Crashing at the Massapequa-Hicksville Road Turn in 1910

Jan 28   Sam & Dave’s Excellent “Lost” Motor Parkway Adventure III: The Eastern Terminus of the Motor Parkway

Jan 27   YouTube of the Week: A Look at the 1948 Tucker ‘48

Jan 25   Helck Family Collection: Old 16 at the Opening of the Bridgehampton Race Circuit in 1957

Jan 24   Images of the Tucker ‘48 #1044

Jan 24   Mystery Foto #3 Solved: The Greatest Car Stunt in Film History in the “Man With the Golden Gun”

Jan 22 Exclusive: The Tucker ‘48 #1044 at the RM Sotheby’s Auction in Scottsdale

Jan 21   Driver/Mechanician of the Week: Al Poole (1904, 1905 and 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Races)

Jan 18   The Dudgeon “Red Devil” Steam Wagon Legal Case Updated: 1/20/2017

Jan 17   Helck Family Archives: Bill Mitchell’s XP-700 Corvette Concept Car and XP-87 Stingray Racer

Jan 16   Mystery Foto #2 Solved: The Apperson Jack Rabbit Racer Built for the 1906 American Elimination Trial

Jan 14   The Melton Museum of Norwalk, Connecticut (1948-1953)

Jan 13   Driver of the Week: Charles Ewing Easter -Winner of the 1908 Jericho Sweepstakes

Jan 11   1954 American Automobile Album: “American Classic”

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