Aug 11 2016

Starting Lineup: The 6 Cars of the 1909 Massapequa Sweepstakes

The 10 lap, 126.4 mile race had a small but competitive field of six entries: two Chalmers-Detroit “30’s,” one Hudson and three Maxwells.

Starting Lineup

#41 Chalmers-Detroit driven by W.R. (Buster) Brown. Finished 5th completing 9 laps.



  #42 Hudson driven by George Ainslee. Finished 4th completing all 10 laps.



#43 Chalmers-Detroit driven by Joe Matson. Finished 1st completing all ten laps. Averaged 58.4 mph.



 #44 Maxwell driven by Arthur See driven by Arthur See. Finished 3rd completing all 10 laps.



 #45 Maxwell driven by Thomas Costello. Finished 6th completing 1 of 10 laps.





#46 Maxwell driven by Martin Doorley. Finished 2nd completing all 10 laps.




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