Vanderbilt Cup Trophy

  • Feb 09 2016

    The CART Vanderbilt Cup Trophy (1996-2007)

    In 1996 CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) obtained the rights to the Vanderbilt Cup and made a replica. The cup was awarded to the winner of the U.S. 500 from 1996 to 1999 and the CART champion of the FedEx Championship Series from 2000 to 2007. (0 comments)

  • Aug 11 2015

    The Five Vanderbilt Cup Trophies (1904-2007)

    Most people associate the Vanderbilt Cup with the trophy donated by William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. and now owned by the Smithsonian Institution. However, there are actually five Vanderbilt Cup trophies associated with auto racing. (0 comments)

  • Mar 24 2014

    Behind the Scenes: Velocity Channel’s AmeriCarna Vanderbilt Cup Race Episode

    The 30-minute program on the Vanderbilt Cup Races shown on the Velocity Channel’s AmeriCarna series was outstanding. Since the program was initially broadcasted on March 4, 2014, over 9,000 new viewers have visited (24 comments)

  • Oct 21 2013

    Mystery Foto #38 Solved: 1915 Vanderbilt Cup Race Officials, Committee & Drivers in San Francisco

    This week's Mystery Foto was a real challenge. Where in the world was the Vanderbilt Cup Trophy? (4 comments)

  • Aug 31 2013

    Who Owns the Original Vanderbilt Cup Trophy and Where Is It Today?

    Linda C: "Howard, who is the current owner of the Vanderbilt Cup trophy and how did they obtain it"? (19 comments)

  • Nov 26 2011

    Film “The Greatest Vintage Automobile Event Ever Held on Long Island”

    In my opinion, the greatest vintage automobile event ever held on Long Island occurred on October 9, 1954 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Vanderbilt Cup Race. The event was organized by Long Island Old Car Club and the Mineola Fair and Industrial Exposition. (10 comments)

  • Nov 19 2011

    The 50th Anniversary of the First Vanderbilt Cup Race on October 9, 1954

    The Vanderbilt Cup Races have been celebrated by vintage car clubs and historical organizations for over 75 years. The grandest and most memorable celebration was held on Long Island on October 9, 1954, marking the 50th anniversary of the first Vanderbilt Cup Race. (2 comments)

  • Sep 01 2011

    Archives: Vanderbilt Cup Trophy

    Below are related links to the Vanderbilt Cup Trophy on Updated August 11, 2011: (1 comments)

  • May 09 2011 Exclusive: The Vanderbilt Cup Trophy Today

    Courtesy of Roger White, Associate Curator, Division of Work and Industry for the Smithsonian Institution, yesterday I received a special birthday gift- a visit to see the Vanderbilt Cup trophy. Stephanie Gress, Director of Curatorial Affairs of the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, Roz Kroplick and I took a special trip (10 comments)

  • Jan 25 2011

    The Mystery 1952 Vanderbilt Cup

    John G: "I have a large 18 inch "Grecian Urn" style brass/copper trophy that has engraved on it WINNER VANDERBILT CUP RACE 1952. A quarter size medallion with a 50s race car in the center and "Ethyl Grand Prix Vanderbilt Cup Race" is above the graving. Can you please share wtih (3 comments)

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