Sep 10 2016

Femenias’ Findings: Anatomy of an Amazing 1938 Aerial (Garden City to East Meadow)

My favorite Nassau County aerial from the U.S. Department of Agriculture 1938 series highlighted the area from Garden City to East Meadow.

Here are some of the historic locations captured in the aerial: favorite mapper Frank Femenias has provided these wonderful "Then & Now" comparisons of these locations with current aerials available from Google.


Howard Kroplick

Femenias' Findings (Submitted by Frank Femenias)


Long Island Motor Parkway (green line)

Central Branch of Long Island (brown line)

The runways and hangars of Roosevelt Field

Roosevelt Raceway

The fields of the Meadow Brook Polo Club. Note: the north polo field became the grandstand and parking lot for the new Roosevelt Raceway built for harness racing. The north polo field was closed in 1954 as New York State took over a section of the field for the Meadowbrook Parkway.

The location of the Roosevelt Field Motor Parkway Bridge- on Merchants Concourse north of the Meadowbrook Parkway and south of the Covanta plant entrance.

The entrance to the Meadow Brook Polo Club from Merrick Avenue with the road going under a Central Railroad bridge. The Central RR is marked by a red line.

Closeup: The location of the Roosevelt Field Motor Parkway Bridge. Note: A small section of the Long Island Motor Parkway right-of-way crossed the Meadowbrook Parkway.

Closeup: The entrance road to the Meadow brook Polo Club. Note: The Central RR Bridge is still standing!

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Sep 11 2016 Laura and Kenneth Harris 9:05 AM

Re Feminas’ Findings:  What a nice presentation!  Thanks.

Sep 11 2016 Brian D McCarthy 11:07 AM

This clears up my mistake about exactly where the “twin bridges” we’re located. I initially thought the Roosevelt Field and Meadowbrook Club bridges were closer to today’s Quentin Roosevelt Blvd ( I mentioned that on the 8/22/16 blog, Mystery photo #34. It would’ve been ideal if the 1956 aerial displayed more easterly to Merrick Ave. The remnants of these twin bridges might of still existed. I saw the 2 roads running north from Stewart Ave to the LIMP on a 1947 topo.) I’ve said this before, Frank….Howard is fortunate to have your expertise and genuine interest in the making of your maps, etc.

Sep 11 2016 Dave Russo 9:10 PM

Great post Frank. Cartography and topography are your gifts. I love how you show the old and new. Thank you.

Sep 12 2016 S. Berliner, III 12:47 AM

More in the Central RR bridge at:


The thumbnails are really bad (gotta redo them) but they bring up good pix.

Sam, III

Sep 12 2016 Michael Appice 12:52 PM

I lived across from Roosevelt Raceway . Roosevelt Field hangers were still there when I was a kid .one became Murray the K ‘s disco which we explored all the time were Levitz furniture is today .Joe Cranes parachute company moved out of Roosevelt Field to Old Country Rd.He sold miniature toy parachute to us kids.The hangers by my house were torn down and became Fortunoffs. We roamed the fields along the Meadowbrook Parkway playing under that Central Ave Bridge till they filled it in. We use to sneak in Mitchel Field all the time getting chased out by the guards.

Sep 14 2016 frank femenias 12:10 AM

Thanks to all for the nice comments, I can’t help it, I’m a before-and-after fan myself!

Brian – Howard’s 1931 arieal shows the twin bridges intact. Howard sending attachments. I tried overlaying this same aerial as well but was unsuccessful in accuracy. It’s still great for viewing. 

Sam III – Nice link to the CRR Bridge. I started reading and could not put it down. The photos were great including Mr J.J. Conroy’s addition. Fantastic presentation and photos! Please keep it up

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