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Jul 22   Historical Markers for the Long Island Motor Parkway & the Vanderbilt Cup Races (Updated: 11/15/17)

Jul 21   Mystery Foto #77 Solved: The Motor Parkway Garage in Floral Park

Jul 19 Cars & Guitars: Beauty And The Beast

Jul 16   Chrysler’s Chrysler Chronicle XII: Countdown to Pebble Beach-One Month

Jul 15   More Insight into the Bird Cars, the Farnesworth Garage and the 1962 “Car Auction of the Century”

Jul 14   Mystery Foto #76 Solved: An Aerial of Meadowbrook Hospital and East Meadow Circa 1951/1952

Jul 13   The Black Beauty Meets The Black Beast in Roslyn

Jul 09   Henry Austin Clark Jr.‘s 1911 Type 35R Raceabout to be Auctioned in Monterey

Jul 08   The Silk Menu Celebrating Louis Wagner- Winner of the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Jul 07   Mystery Friday Foto #75 Solved: 1935 Aerial of Bethpage and Old Bethpage

Jul 05   Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #48: Plainview Road Bridge in Central Park (Bethpage)

Jul 01   The 1962 “Car Auction of the Century” at the Farnesworth Garage

Jul 01 Highlights for First Half of 2014

Jun 30   Mystery Foto #74 Solved: The C.K.G. Billings “Farnesworth” Garage in Locust Valley

Jun 28 Exclusive: Rog Patterson’s Memories of the 1951 Bridgehampton Races

Jun 24   Was the First Parkway Fast Food Restaurant Located in Central Park (Bethpage)?

Jun 23   Mystery Foto #73 Solved: A Spectacular 1933 Aerial of Hempstead and North Hempstead

Jun 21   Chrysler’s Chrysler Chronicle XI: Countdown to Pebble Beach-Two Months

Jun 18   Another Exclusive: The 1908 Local Pride Cup Presented to George Robertson

Jun 17   Consuelo Vanderbilt, the Duchess of Marlborough: A Real Downton Heiress

Jun 16   Mystery Foto #72 Solved: Arthur Duray Driving the #18 Lorraine-Dietrich During the 1906 Race

Jun 15   Vanderbilt Cup Races Featured on Velocity’s AmeriCarna Series

Jun 14   2014 Brickyard Invitational: Video “A Lap on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the Black Beast”

Jun 11   Memorable Moments From The 2014 Brickyard Invitational

Jun 10   The 2014 Brickyard Invitational: Smiles and Thumbs Ups

Jun 09   Mystery Foto #71 Solved: A Bust of Louis Chevrolet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Jun 06   Hemmings Classic Car receives national award for the “Black Beast” article

Jun 03   Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #47: Powell Avenue Bridge in Central Park (Bethpage)

Jun 02   Mystery Foto #70 Still A Mystery: Is this Dario Resta?

May 31 Exclusive: Spectacular Photos of the 1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race

May 28   Locomobile Vanderbilt Cup Sold for $2,300 on eBay

May 27   Was the “Bagatelle” Mansion in Half Hollow Hills Built by a Vanderbilt?

May 26   Mystery Foto #69 Solved: The Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge over Colonial Springs Road

May 23   Chrysler’s Chrysler Chronicle X: Countdown to Pebble Beach-Three Months

May 21   Los Angeles Times: “At Indy course, vintage race cars take you on a roll down memory lane”

May 20   Jaguars Visit the Black Beast

May 19   Mystery Foto #68 Solved: A Motor Parkway Culvert in the Hempstead Plains (Levittown)

May 18   Book “North Hempstead” Reviewed on

May 17   The Largest Newspaper Photo Ever Published in 1906- The Checkered Flag Finish of Louis Wagner

May 14   Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #46: Nibbe Farmway Bridge in Bethpage

May 13   WCBS Newsradio 880:“Mustangs Return to World’s Fair to Celebrate 50 Years”

May 12   Mystery Foto #67 Solved: The First East-West Transatlantic Flyers Arrive in NYC in a 1928 Chrysler

May 10   Video:“The Location of the Start/Finish Lines of the 1904 and 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Races”

May 07   News 12 Long Island Hidden Past: “The Long Island Motor Parkway & the Vanderbilt Cup Races”

May 06   Pilot Section of the Motor Parkway Trail Is Under Construction in East Meadow(Updated:June 17, 2014)

May 05   Mystery Foto #66 Solved: 1914 A.L.F.A. 40/60 HP Aerodinamica Prototype

May 05   2014 North Hempstead Community Clean-Up Day of the Townsend Cemetery, East Hills

May 03   Images From the Himes Museum of Motor Racing Nostalgia in Bay Shore

Apr 30   Newsday “LIRR bridge replacement proposed in Westbury”

Apr 29   Smiles and Thumbs Ups From the St. Patrick’s 9th Annual Spring Car Show Fundraiser

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