Jun 02 2014

Mystery Foto #70 Still A Mystery: Is this Dario Resta?

Wayne Carroll Petersen, the great great nephew of Barney Oldfield, forwarded this weekend's Mystery Foto from his collection.

Mystery Foto question:

Identify the gentleman.

Wayne believes the man may be Dario Resta, winner of the 1915 and 1916 Vanderbilt Cup Races. Barney Oldfield was also a participant in the 1915 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

Check out the below gallery of Dario Resta images for a comparison, especially the nose.

Other suggested solutions: Joe Stafford, Lewis Strang, Billy Chandler and Harry Yarnell.


Howard Kroplick


May 30 2014 Ted 1:22 AM

This might be my lucky day, is he Joe Stafford, who works, or did work for Panel Craft LIC? If it is this was an easy one

Jun 01 2014 Wayne Carroll Petersen 12:34 PM

I am thinking Dario Resta ?

Jun 01 2014 Steve Lucas 11:01 PM

Just a wild guess, but could it be Lewis Strang?

Jun 02 2014 Ariejan Bos 2:33 PM

I remember this photo being shown a while ago as part of Barney Oldfield’s legacy. Unknown then, maybe id-ed in the meanwhile. As I couldn’t find anybody in racing circles looking like him, I decided to use some phantasy and some logic. Barney (Berna E.) Oldfield was only child but had one cousin: Harry Yarnell, the son of his mother’s brother.  Born in 1887 (and also only child) he was 9 years younger than Barney. He was a boy in the time of Barney’s successes and probably one of his greatest fans. He would die already in 1917 (which raises the question if he may have enlisted in the U.S. army to fight in WW1?). Whatever the reason he died at such a young age, wouldn’t it be logic that Barney would keep his photo with him all his life?
Maybe this story is incorrect, but the research was fun!

Jun 02 2014 Howard Kroplick 10:04 PM

From Ed:

I have a booklet with photos from the 1911 Vanderbilt Cup Races, run in Savannah, GA.  The “mystery gentleman” looks somewhat like the mechanic, Billy Chandler, who served Ralph Mulford, who won the 1911 event in a Lozier.  The poses are very different, of course, with Chandler and Mulford in full racing gear in my booklet.  Mulford gave great credit to Chandler’s strategy for the win.

Jun 03 2014 Wayne Carroll Petersen 12:29 AM

Dario Resta had a dimple on his chin, so maybe it could be Race car driver Johny Seymour?

Jun 04 2014 Ted 12:40 AM

I’m still going with Joe Stafford. Ya know when you get that feeling you stick with it, your usually right.

Jun 06 2014 frank femenias 11:26 PM

A toughie. Resta has a near identical nose but the chin dimple and different shaped head from most of his photos may eliminate him. But then, I believe the mystery image is a portrait painting and not a photo leaving room for some error (unlikely). Every search attempt on this including Resta’s cousin Harry Yarnell has left my fuel tank empty.

Jun 08 2014 Wayne Carroll Petersen 10:45 AM

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Jun 08 2014 Sara Danzi Engoron 5:43 PM

The picture cannot be Dario Resta because Resta has a widows peak hairline and the unknown gentleman in the picture has a straight hairline. This is genetically determined.

Jun 09 2014 Ted 2:19 AM

I’m still sticking with my answer

Jun 11 2014 Howard Kroplick 4:12 PM

From Donald Davidson (Historian, Indianapolis Motor Speedway):

Re your photo quiz:  I would say no way to that being Resta, and it isn’t Strang or Chandler either.  DD

Jun 13 2014 Ted 12:28 AM

Ha guys, what’s going on, got ya all stumped on mystery70. That’s why I’m sticking with Joe Stafford, because I’m thinking, he worked on the cars, so maybe he wanted to participate in a race, to see how the car performs. What do you all think about that?  What happen Greg, you’re not on top of this one?

Jul 01 2014 Ted 11:33 PM

I’m just wondering who this person is. What happen Howard? you’re usually good on things like this. Mystery#70. if anyone is interested

Sep 22 2014 Ted 12:25 AM

What happened with mystery #70? Come on Howard, don’t let us down

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