Nov 18 2017

A Tribute to a 1906 Hairpin Turn Landmark in Old Westbury

One of the most photographed locations for the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race was the Hairpin Turn in Old Wesbury. As a result, images of this the beautiful home at #1 Wheatley Road and hundreds of excited spectators on its lawn were captured during the race. Sadly, this Vanderbilt Cup Race course landmark was taken down this year.


Howard Kroplick

Then & Now- #1 Wheatley Road at the Hairpin Turn, Old Westbury

#1 Wheatley Road was located on the east side of Wheatley Road near Old Westbury Road (the north service road for the Long Island Expressway).

Then: 1906

Felice Nazzaro driving the #8 FIAT

Photo taking from the second floor of #1 Wheatley Road.

#1 Wheatley Road can be seen on the far right behind the Vacuum Mobiloil sign.

Then: 2003

Then: 2006

Then: 2014

Featured on the Vanderbilt Cup Races epidsode of AmeriCarna with Ray Evernham.

Now: November 16, 2017

Additional 1906 Views of the Hairpin Turn

Vincenzo Lancia driving the #4 FIAT

Felice Nazzaro driving the #8 FIAT during a practice run.

Louis Wagner driving the #10 Darraqc to victory.

Arthur Duray driving the #18 Lorraine-Dietrich.

Considered the most dramatic image of the Vanderbilt Cup Races.

Maurice Fabry driving the #19 Itala.


Nov 18 2017 RLR 9:51 PM

Do we dare ask what will appear in its place? History is one thing money can’t buy.

Howard Kroplick

Like many older properties in the area, this is likely a tear-down to be replaced by a brand new house.

#1 Wheatley was over 110 years old….. I’ll miss it!

Nov 19 2017 LMK 2:37 PM

Enjoyed this and the video too..

Nov 20 2017 S. Berliner, III 4:53 PM

Just one more rape of our heritage, another “monumental act of vandalism”.  And, now that it’s gone, we can rend our garments, gnash our teeth, and moan.  But it does give me an idea for another LIMPPS project (for someone else to mastermind)!  How about doing a photo inventory of all known remaining VCR and LIMP background houses?  If done by each PS member who lives in a given area, it wouldn’t be all that burdensome and some noted LI historian just MIGHT put it all together on-line.  It could even generate more Mystery Fotos!  Sam, III

Howard Kroplick

Sam, here is the starting point as posted in 2011:

Nov 25 2017 Howard Kroplick 1:46 PM

Stan R:

Wonderfull!  Great history. Thanks.

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