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  • Feb 22 2011

    Favorite Website:

    This new favorite website provides thousands of images of historic, vintage, classic and soon to be classic cars. Sample the website by viewing the information and photos of the four manufacturers that won the Vanderbilt Cup Races on Long Island: (2 comments)

  • Feb 21 2011

    Archives: Favorite Website: Vanderbilt Cup Races

    Links to favorite websites related to the Vanderbilt Cup Races: (0 comments)

  • Feb 21 2011

    Archives: Favorite Websites: Long Island Motor Parkway

    Links to favorite websites related to the Long Island Motor Parkway: (0 comments)

  • Feb 01 2011

    A Favorite Website: Long Island Ruins & Remnants

    The website Long Island Ruins & Remnants is dedicated to finding remnants of Long Island's past. (8 comments)

  • Sep 25 2010

    Favorite Website: Suffolk Historic Newspapers

    In researching an upcoming cable series on the Vanderbilt Cup Races and the Long Island Motor Parkway, Bob Klement, Local Access Coordinator for Cablevision, found this wonderful website- Suffolk County Historic Newspapers. Since over 1,000 articles on the Vanderbilt Cup Races, the Long Island Motor Parkway and William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., (3 comments)

  • Aug 12 2010

    Favorite Website:

    Looking for a website that provides a comprehensive listing of American automobile manufacturers? Check out (0 comments)

  • May 20 2010

    Favorite Website:

    Yesterday, a new website was officially launched. The website focuses on the historic museums and mansions of Long Island, including the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum. To celebrate the website launch and "Long Island History Month", a reception was held on Thursday afternoon at Oheka Castle in Huntington. (0 comments)

  • May 05 2010

    Favorite Website: Islip Speedway on

    The Melaniff family have created this website dedicated to the Islip Speedway (1947-1984). Among the many gems on the website are: (0 comments)

  • Apr 20 2010

    Favorite Website: MotorMouth Radio

    Ray Guarino and Chris Switzer are co-host for a Long Island automotive talk show "MotorMouth Radio" every Sunday and Thursday from Noon to 1:00 PM on 90.3 WHPC-FM . (0 comments)

  • Apr 01 2010

    Favorite Website: Parkway License Plates is the best website to learn all about the fascinating history of porcelain license plates from the United States and Canada. Developed by TV producer Eric Taylor, the website provides a state-by-state breakdown of almost every known variety of porcelain plates. Of course, my interest focuses on the (0 comments)

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