Sep 25 2010

Favorite Website: Suffolk Historic Newspapers

In researching an upcoming cable series on the Vanderbilt Cup Races and the Long Island Motor Parkway, Bob Klement, Local Access Coordinator for Cablevision, found this wonderful website- Suffolk County Historic Newspapers. Since over 1,000 articles on the Vanderbilt Cup Races, the Long Island Motor Parkway and William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., can be found, is an instant VanderbiltCupRaces "Favorite Website".

The website is a cooperative project of the Public Libraries of Suffolk County. Here are some of my favorite examples supplemented with photos from my database:


Suffolk County News, April 7, 1899: " A Golden Wedding. Marriage of W.K.Vanderbilt,Jr., and Virginia Fair.


Suffolk County News, October 12,1906: The Automobile Race. Wagner Wins in a French Car- Shepard Kills a Man."

Port Jefferson Echo, October 13, 1906: "France Wins Auto Race. Wagner's Darracq Finishes First-Shepard's Car Kills Spectator.


Suffolk County News, November 16, 1906: "Ad:... now ready to receive formal offers of rights of way one hundred feet in width".


Long Islander, May 3, 1907: Long Island Soon to Become Arcadia For Autoists.


Suffolk County News, May 29, 1908: "First Work on Motor Parkway."

Long Islander June 12,1908: "Parkway Inaugural Ceremonies"


Suffolk County News, October 30, 1908: American Car Victor. Robertson, Locomobile, Leads Lytle, Isotta, Across Tape for Cup.


Suffolk County News, June 16, 1911: "The "Petit Trianon". Famous Speedway for Automobiles is Now in General Use- Has Splendid Hostelry in Ronkonkoma, the Eastern Terminus.

Kudos to Suffolk County Public Libraries for providing a great resource! Thanks Bob for forwarding it to me.

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Sep 26 2010 Mark Dill 1:00 PM

Great find, Howard. I blogged about it today.

Sep 26 2010 Art K. 1:06 PM

Thank you Bob for sharing and Howard for passing along.  Now I know what will be keeping me busy as we move into the colder months.

Sep 26 2010 Jack Binder 5:18 PM

It was great seeing you today with your car!
When you took the pictures today nothing was said about copies. If it is possible you can e-mail copies of me and Herman and Eileen Berg. We would get a kick out if it.

Regards, Jack

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