Aug 12 2010

Favorite Website:

Looking for a website that provides a comprehensive listing of American automobile manufacturers? Check out

The website also also provides profiles and photos of several hundred American manufacturers including these Vanderbilt Cup Race participants:

Alco-Providence Rhode Island, 1908-1913

-American Locomotive Company

-Alco Racer

Thomas, Buffalo, 1902-1911

-Thomas Flyer and the E.R. Thomas Company

-1909 Thomas Flyer Sales Brochure

Simplex, New Yrork, NY & New Brunswick, NJ, 1907-1917

-The Simplex Automobile Company

Cole, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1909-1918

-The Cole Motor Car Company

Frayer-Miller, Springfield & Columbus, Ohio, 1904-1910

- Frayer-Miller Automobile

Royal Tourist, Cleveland, Ohio, 1904-1911

-The Royal Motor Car Company


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