Apr 24 2009

A CART Vanderbilt Cup Sighting in 2007

As noted last week, the one and only Vanderbilt Cup was gifted by William K. Vanderbilt Jr. to the Smithsonian Institution in November 1934. The Smithsonian promised that this historic racing trophy would be prominently featured in their transportation exhibit. Unfortunately, the trophy has been in a storage closet for several years and has been available for only a few special exhibits.

At the 2007 Champ Grand Prix of Portland, a CART reproduction of the original Vanderbilt Cup trophy was displayed (courtesy of Dan Rifero).

As noted in Deeptrottle.com:

1996: CART gains the rights to the Vanderbilt Cup, commissions a new one similar to the original, and awards it to the winner of the US 500.

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Apr 27 2009 guy 7:45 PM

I think this was EMRA’s claim to fame re the V. Cup copyright and I think it was not renewed by Champ Car, which no longer exists.

Jul 22 2009 Sergey Babkin 3:37 PM

Yes, EMRA (http://www.emraracing.org) still owns the rights to the V. Cup name. The licensing to Champ Car was not transferrable, so when it was acquired by Indy Car, the license ended. Indy Car has expressed an interest in licensing but has never come up with a substantial proposition.

Sep 01 2013 S. Berliner, III 1:37 PM

Even though we aficionados know just what you mean, the phrase “the one and only Vanderbilt Cup” is a wee bit misleading to the general public; “the original Vanderbilt Cup” might better serve.  There’s always the 1936-37 George W. Vanderbilt, III Cup and the 1960 Cornelius Vanderbilt Cup; neither one is “the” V. Cup”, but each, quite unlike the CART Cup, is very definitely “a” V. Cup.  Sam, III

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