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  • Feb 09 2016

    The CART Vanderbilt Cup Trophy (1996-2007)

    In 1996 CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) obtained the rights to the Vanderbilt Cup and made a replica. The cup was awarded to the winner of the U.S. 500 from 1996 to 1999 and the CART champion of the FedEx Championship Series from 2000 to 2007.

  • Aug 11 2015

    The Five Vanderbilt Cup Trophies (1904-2007)

    Most people associate the Vanderbilt Cup with the trophy donated by William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. and now owned by the Smithsonian Institution. However, there are actually five Vanderbilt Cup trophies associated with auto racing.

  • Apr 24 2009

    A CART Vanderbilt Cup Sighting in 2007

    As noted last week, the one and only Vanderbilt Cup was gifted by William K. Vanderbilt Jr. to the Smithsonian Institution in November 1934. The Smithsonian promised that this historic racing trophy would be prominently featured in their transportation exhibit. Unfortunately, the trophy has been in a storage closet for several