Tag: David Kahn

  • Feb 24 2011

    1955 Lincoln-Mercury Times Article “Granddaddy of Superhighways”

    As described yesterday, the Lincoln-Mercury Times in 1955 published an article "The Granddaddy of Superhighways" by David Kahn with illustrations by Harvey Kidder. These are highlights of the article published 17 years after the Motor Parkway closed:

  • Feb 23 2011

    The Long Island Motor Parkway Paintings By Harvey Kidder

    In 1955, the Lincoln-Mercury Times commissioned illustrator Harvey Kidder to paint five scenes of the Long Island Motor Parkway to accompany an article "The Granddaddy of Superhighways" written by David Kahn. Here are the five paintings with the captions used in the article and my suggested revised captions: