Dec 31 2013

The Top Twenty 2013 Posts on

In celebration of the upcoming New Year, here's a look back at my top posts placed on in 2013.

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy 2014!

Howard Kroplick

1. The Role of the Motor Parkway in the Development of the Cruise Missile

2. Cousins of Drivers Montague and Mortimer Roberts Reunited With the Help of

3. School Project: The Black Beast and the Long Island Motor Parkway in Lake Success

4. The Wonderful “Clean-Up Deadman’s Curve Day” in Bethpage

5. Selected as One of the Five Best in the World for “Car Sites & Car Culture”

6. Jason and Tracy Owen Celebrate Their Wedding

7. Film: W.C Fields Driving On the Long Island Motor Parkway in “Sally of the Sawdust”

8. Chrysler’s Chrysler Chronicle I: Restoration Begins

9. Chrysler’s Chrysler Chronicle III: An Amazing Discovery

10. Inspiration for the Mansions of “The Great Gatsby” & The Hempstead House Screening Gala

11. Black Beast Highlighted on the DVD Cover of “Men Who Built America”

12. Smiles and Thumbs Up from the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society Fall Country Fair

13. In Search of the Grandstand, Press Box/Officials Stand and Pits in Levittown

14. Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #31: The “Mayan Ruins” Motor Parkway Bridge in Garden City

15. Black Beast to Be Featured in 2014 Hemmings Classic Car Calendar

16.  “Austie” Excerpts from “The Kingdom of the Kid: Growing Up in the Long-Lost Hamptons”

17.  FiOS1 Video “The Alco Black Beast at the 2013 Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society Fall Festival”

18. Planning, July 2013 “A Roadway Evolves-The Long Island Motor Parkway”

19. The Amazing North Hempstead Clean-Up Day of the Motor Parkway in East Williston

20. Then & Now: Alva Vanderbilt Belmont’s Beacon Towers in Sands Point


Jan 05 2014 Howard Kroplick 2:53 PM

From Tony K.

I have just spent one of the most anti-social, yet enjoyable Christmases of my life.

How come?

Simply wallowing in your wonderful website!

I can’t begin to thank you enough – and I’m still only half way through the site.

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