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  • Jan 11 2020

    Kleiner’s Kolumn: Suffolk County Acquisition of the Long Island Motor Parkway

    In 1938, The Long Island Motor Parkway, Inc. deeded the roadway to Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties to use as they each saw fit. Recently obtained documents from the Suffolk County Dept. of Public Works (SCDPW) detail the agreement between William K.Vanderbilt, Jr. as President of the Corporation and the

  • Nov 26 2019

    Kleiner’s Kolumn: The Motor Parkway in Maps (Part I)

    As a follow up to the November 20, 2019 post showing the Motor Parkway on a 1927 map, here a number of other maps I've collected and/or saved from various newspapers including the The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn Life and The New York Times.

  • Apr 02 2012

    Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society Visits a Hidden Parkway Section in Dix Hills

    Last Sunday, Carmine and Arlene graciously invited the Long Island Motor Preservation Society to view their 275-foot section of the Motor Parkway in their Dix Hills backyard. Here are highlights, including a video by John McAuliffe.

  • Jan 14 2012

    Then & Now: A Hidden Section of the Motor Parkway in Western Suffolk

    A rarely seen section of the Motor Parkway in western Suffolk County has been rediscovered. Check out the Then & Now:

  • Mar 23 2011

    Suffolk County Airmap 1930 Aerial Survey #1: Ronkonkoma

    In 1928 Suffolk County commissioned an aerial photography company to create a comprehensive record of their roads, terrain and properties. Two years later, the Airmap company photographed the entire county including our favorite historic road; the Long Island Motor Parkway. Courtesy of the Suffolk County Department of Planning, the first in

  • Sep 25 2010

    Favorite Website: Suffolk Historic Newspapers

    In researching an upcoming cable series on the Vanderbilt Cup Races and the Long Island Motor Parkway, Bob Klement, Local Access Coordinator for Cablevision, found this wonderful website- Suffolk County Historic Newspapers. Since over 1,000 articles on the Vanderbilt Cup Races, the Long Island Motor Parkway and William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.,

  • Sep 21 2010

    A “New” Motor Parkway Map & Suffolk County Historical Sites

    Steven W. comments: "Do you have a road map of the full route of the Motor Parkway with surrounding residential streets? This would be highly appreciated, as I would love to see it and bike through the trails of the demolished part in Nassau County".

  • Aug 02 2010

    Archives: Long Island Motor Parkway- Suffolk County

    Links to posts on the Long Island Motor Parkway in Suffolk County (Updated: February 1, 2012):

  • Jan 26 2010

    A Motor Parkway Sign at Wheeler Road in Suffolk County

    Throughout the Long Island Motor Parkway, there were signs providing directions and "No Trespassing" signs. This photo shows a typical Motor Parkway sign placed in Suffolk County.

  • Dec 27 2008

    The Complete 44-Mile LIMP Tour: Maps, Images and Videos

    To assist those LIMP fans who wish to walk sections of the 44-mile Long Island Motor Parkway, I have highlighted the right-of-way using a 1940 map. In the final of the three-part series, click here for a PDF of the Suffolk County Map.