Jan 21 2020

Kleiner’s Kolumn: The 1941 Suffolk County Map of The Motor Parkway

As a follow-up to my Jan. 11 post pertaining to the acquisition of the Motor Parkway by the County of Suffolk, I'm pleased to present the map prepared in 1941 detailing the 77 parcels included in the transaction and in the actual deed (69 on the Motor Parkway and 8 on the Commack Spur).   I've broken the map into 18 segments going from the Nassau-Suffolk border to Lake Ronkonkoma.  Maps courtesy of the Suffolk County Dept. of Public Works.  Note the cover map shown above is not part of the Suffolk County 1941 collection.   

Art Kleiner

1938 Announcement

Announcing the 1938 Agreement.  Note that Willie K. was not the "owner" of the Motor Parkway, as it was a public company but obviously he was acting as its agent as President. 

The 1941 Map

When viewing each segment take note of the comments relating to the sale of property to LILCO, developers, etc.  and the new and old names of some of the roads. 

Parcel #s and roads are noted in each segment; segments may overlap to help in logically moving from one to the next. 

Individual Map Segments

Parcels 1-2 (Route 110, Nassau-Suffolk border)

Parcels 3-6 (Little East Neck Road)

Parcels 6-9 (Conklin Avenue)

Parcel 9 (Conklin Avenue)

Parcels 9-11 (Conklin Avenue)

Parcels 12-18 (Conklin Avenue)

Parcels 18-24 (Deer Park Avenue)

Parcels 23-29 (Week's Road)

Parcels 29-33 plus parcels 1-2 of the Commack Spur (Commack Road)

Parcels 1-3 of the Commack Spur (New Highway).  Note the ROW for the Sunken Meadow Parkway which was deeded to the LI State Park Commission by the Town of Smithtown in 1925.  Construction of the parkway did not begin until 1952 and it opened in 1954. 

Parcels 4-8 of the Commack Spur (Jericho Turnpike)

Parcels 34-37 (Harned's Stubbed Road)

Parcels 37-39 (Wicks Road)

Parcels 39-41 (Washington Avenue, New Mill Road)

Parcels 42-48 (Joshua's Path, Carleton Avenue). 

Parcels 48-59 (Bridge Road). Note the drawing for parcel 53 depicting the Long Island Expressway intersection.

Parcels 58-65 (Blydenberg Road)

Parcels 64-69 (Nicoll Road)

Parcel 66-69 (Lake Ronkonkoma)

Parcel 69 (Rosevale Avenue)


Jan 22 2020 S. Berliner, III 11:51 AM

FAB, Art; thanks!  Now all we need is for some hero (not I, said the little red hen!) to accurately superimpose the bridges and lodges/toll booths!  Sam, III

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