Pardington Delivers Vanderbilt’s Speech

A.R. Pardington, the general manager for the Long Island Motor Parkway, filled in for Vanderbilt, reading from remarks Vanderbilt had written to mark the occasion. The comments praised the impact and potential of the automobile and reflected on unforeseen obstacles that had impeded the Parkway’s progress. “The automobile has come into such prominence that it has revolutionized all mode of travel. Distance has been eliminated, highways improved, unknown districts opened up, and pleasure given to thousands… land owners in almost every case, seeing what a benefit a road of this character would be to their property, gladly came forward with help, enabling us to complete a forty-five mile right of way.” Later, Pardington became the most important salesman for the Parkway with speeches throughout Long Ilsand and articles in popular magazines and trade journals. Harpers' Magazine article