Sep 15 2009

The Great Neck Lodge in Lake Success

Hi Neal, thanks for the book review! Let me help you get oriented with one of my favorite Motor Parkway buildings.

As previously noted, the Great Neck Lodge was one of the six toll lodges designed by John Russell Pope. This photo was taken around 1911, when the Great Neck Lodge was the western terminus of the Motor Parkway. The view is looking east. Note the barricade blocking access to the Lakeville Road Bridge which was under construction.


This 1929 aerial of Lake Success, looking northeast, shows the Motor Parkway entering from the right, abutting the Glen Oaks Country Club. It crosses over Marcus Avenue, parallelling Lakeville Road. Note the two Motor Parkway bridges over Marcus Avenue and Lakeville Road.


This rare photo shows the remains of the west side of the Lakeville Road Bridge in the early 1960s. Note the height of the bridge ruins in relation to Lakeville Road below. Importantly, the Great Neck Lodge, converted into a private home, can be seen to the left, north of the Motor Parkway right-of way.


This is a close-up of the former Great Neck Lodge in the 1960s .


This photo of the lodge was taken in the 1980s before it was incorporated into the kitchen of a much larger house.


Finally, this is how the remains of the Great Neck Lodge look today.


Sep 23 2009 Howard Kroplick 10:23 AM

From Jack Binder:

Can you identify the young lady standing on the west side of Lakeville Road on the ruins of the bridge? Could she be a resident of the house that later became the Lake Success Jewish Center or a daughter or granddaughter of Helen Sperry Lea who lived in Vanderbilt’s former manager who lived in the house next to his mansion, still standing today. (very much renovated)

Sep 23 2009 Howard Kroplick 10:30 AM

Hi Jack:

The woman was not identified. However, it is likely she was related to Lester Cutting who photographed the ruins of the Long Island Motor Parkway ruins in 1972. This photo is courtesy of Margaret and George Vitale.


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