Nov 09 2010

Memories of Henry Austin Clark, Jr.

A great contributer Walter McCarthy has provided more photos of his friend Henry Austin Clark, Jr., author and a Long Island automobile collector icon:

Henry Austin Clark, Jr., family and friends at the opening of his Long Island Automotive Museum in Southampton on August 5, 1948.

A 1912 Moon driven by Henry Austin Clark, Jr. in 1948.

Henry Austin Clark, Jr. checking out a Leon Bollee voiturette.

Henry Austin Clark, Jr. in the museum shop.

Henry Austin Clark, Jr. in the truck building.

Henry Austin Clark, Jr.on September 10, 1961.

Gary Cooper and Henry Austin Clark, Jr., in 1965.

Henry Austin Clark Jr. celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Long Island Automotive Museum in 1968.

Henry Austin Clark Jr. returns to the "Iron Range" after the museum closed.

Henry Austin Clark, Jr. died at the age of 74 in December 1991.

Thanks again Walter for your contributions!

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Nov 15 2010 Scott Alexander 8:19 AM

I was so glad to see these pictures, Mr. Henry Austin Clark was a man way ahead of his time! His forethought for the preservation of early automobilia, should have kept going. I wish the L.I. Automobile Museum never closed, but had gotten larger and and more people could have had the vision the that he had. There is so much interest and so many people on Long Island have embraced the hoby of antique car, hot rods, and specialty vehicles that this would have ben a perfect place to gather and learn. There is barely a weekend now on Long Island when there are not Car Shows of some kind all over the Island. I was fortunate to have met Henry many times in the mid 1970’s, and listened to many stories of unique cars, and a bygone era over a drink in Locust Valley. Thank you for posting those pictures, it brought back a lot of fond memories.

Nov 15 2010 Tom 9:51 AM

Great to see these pictures, hope more will keep coming.

Apr 22 2011 jjerry gringer 3:22 PM

Dear Mr Henry Austin Clark Jr, I have been trying to locate you for some time.I was in the antique restoration auto busines for a long time ago. I had A 1929 7 year restoration project. This auto was a Studebaker 1929 president cabriolet fe model. I took it to the Hershey 1984 show and it took first junior .I have great color picture of auto.I use to visit your Long Island Automotive Museum many,many times. It was the greatest day spent. I have about 20 of your 1900 car prints 1957 and they framed and matted. Also have some large Auto Framed prints of famous race prints. I am in a wheel chair now 80 yrs old. I would like to like to the value of them, I don’t want to give them away as I need the money now for precriptions.Please contact me as soon your time allows you to do.Respectfully Mr Jerry Gringer

Apr 24 2011 Howard Kroplick 9:14 PM

Hi Jerry:

Henry Austin Clark, Jr. passed away at the age of 74 in December 1991. His memory will live on.

I am not sure what the value of your prints. Please send an email to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and the amount that you believe they are worth.


May 24 2011 Jerry Gringer 8:24 PM

Dear Howard I would like some one to purchase my 14 beautiful Framed matted prints colored 1900 auto’s By famous “Henry Austin Clark Jr.I bought the in 1960’s. The are in excellent condition.I would Sell the Complete Collection for $100.oo each.I know someone would really appreciate them.The Mahogny frames & matted cost me more than I am asking for print.Thank You Very kindly, JG. I loved meeting your father in 1950’s He was a very exciting man, when we talked about antique cars.I had a national winner at Hersey show in the 1970’s. I had a 1929 Studebaker President Cabriolet Convertable I took 7 years to complete.I have some great colored photos of car at Hersey show.Well so long for now,looking forward to hearing from you soon. Respecfuuly Jerry.

May 29 2012 Patti Kacer 10:31 PM

My mother worked for Mr Clark for 4-5 years, doing research for him in his Glen Cove home. And of course going to the Auto Museum was always a treat during the summers, a short drive from our Water Mill home.

Riding in one of the fire engines behind the museum is a memory I`ll also cherish, one of the lucky ones who sat up front and rang the bell.

Does anyone remember Gordon Clark…..he worked for Mr. Clark for many years.

Sep 01 2014 harold sauter 4:48 PM

Austin Clark jr. helped me tremendously in my research of the FRP automobile of Port Jefferson in l914-15 years ago.  He was a personal friend of Mr.Porter and had all the scrapbooks and notes and photos from the FRP company.  Austin’s library at his home in Glen Cove rivaled many public institutions with collections of automotive history.  Thankfully, most of this collection is now in the Detroit Library system.  Austin was a generous man and the “Iron Range Days” at the museum were always an adventure.  The closing of the Southampton Museum was a genuine loss to Long Island.  The collection certainly was not pristine, but it was always enjoyable and interesting to visit.  Much more interesting was the huge collection of early trucks and buses housed in buildings behind the museum….bumper to bumper and fender to fender!  These are now probably scattered all over the country after being auctioned off in several auctions at the museum before the passing of Austin Clark jr.  I have several artifacts and printed material from the days of the museum and the museum in NY city..”.Carnival of Cars” in the mid-50s.  Austin Clark jr. was truly a pioneer and promoter in the early days of this hobby on Long Island.

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