Mar 04 2011

Update #1: Damage to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration Motor Parkway Bridge

As reported on December 15, 2010, January 12, 2011, and February 15, 2011, the Old Bethpage Village Restoration Motor Parkway Bridge has been subjected to dumping of debris and an attack by graffiti vandals. Last December, Jim McKenna, Site Director of the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, committed to cleaning up the bridge and its surrounding area. Here's the latest update:

Old Bethpage- March 4, 2011


With the assistance of Brian Schneider, a hydrogeologist with the Nassau County Department of Public Works, yesterday, Nassau County Department of Parks staff members Michael Fritz (Superintendent of Parks Maintenance) and Stephen Clark and I examined the damage to the bridge


Graffiti covers both sides of the 1910 bridge and the abutments.



Debris dumped by the Organic Restoration Farm is piled high on both sides of the bridge.



Sadly, the railings and north wall of the bridge were severely damaged during the dumping.

In comparison, below are images of the bridge taken in 2008:

Old Bethpage- May 11, 2008



Old Bethpage- September 12, 2008





Follow-Up Actions

Following our survey of the bridge, Michael, Stephen and I met with James McKenna to discuss cleaning, restoring and protecting this historic bridge. Here's the plan:

The fence near the bridge will be immediately repaired.

Security surveillance at the site will be significantly expanded.

The debris will be removed by the Organic Restoration farmers during March and April 2011.

The Nassau County Department of Parks and Old Bethpage Village Restoration will remove the graffiti from the bridge by May 1, 2011.

Old Bethpage Village Restoration will restore the concrete wall and railing of the bridge.

The Ford Model-A Club and the Long Island Preservation Society will thoroughly clean the bridge and surrounding area by the summer.


If you wish to assist in this project and other efforts to preserve the Motor Parkway, please join the Long Island Preservation Society, an outgrowth of the Long Island Motor Parkway Panel. Become a Founding member by sending an email to me at [email protected] . No fees are required-just energy and dedication. In less than three weeks, 37 Founding Members have joined.

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Mar 06 2011 steve l 5:43 PM

I take it the Organic Restoration Farm is a part of the Bethpage Restoration? If so,how did the dumping happen? Left hand not aware of Right hand? Glad to hear remedies are at hand and wish all luck. The Model A Club is a great bunch.

Mar 06 2011 Art K. 11:13 PM

Thanks for the update Howard.  Any idea as to how the Graffiti will be cleaned?  Looking forward to participating in the clean-up.

Mar 11 2011 Howard Kroplick 10:28 PM

I believe the farmers had no idea the bridge was part of the the Long Island Motor Parkway or of anysignificance. Another reason to mark the Motor Parkway with signage.

The method for the graffiti removal will be determined after the debris is removed.

Dec 22 2011 Philip Rogers 9:31 AM

How did the Bethpage bridge cleanup go Howard?


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