Jul 14 2009

VanderbiltCupRaces.com Exclusive: Film “The Bridgehampton Cup Race June 9, 1951”

In a VanderbiltCupRaces.com exclusive, this three-minute film documents the Third Annual Bridgehampton Races held on June 9, 1951. This rare 16-mm film was provided by Walter McCarthy and the Long Island Old Car Club and has not been shown in over 25 years.

Prior to the five races held on the streets of Bridgehampton, a Vintage Exhibition Run was held including; Austin Clark's #42 Duesenberg and a Stanley Steamer driven by 79-year old veteran Vanderbilt Cup Race driver Joe Tracy.

The feature race was the 25-lap, 100-mile Bridgehampton Cup Race. It was won by Tom Cole driving the #87 Chrysler-Allard. The other 16 cars in the race (in order of their finish) were:

2. #56 Ferrari 195 Coupe driven by Phil Walters

3. #98 Cadillac-Allard driven by Erwin Goldschmidt

4. #81 Fitch-Whitmore Jaguar driven by John Fitch

5. #42 Ferrari 1662 driven by Briggs Cunningham

6. #74 Jaguar XK120 driven by Bob Reider

7. #102 Jaguar XK120 driven by Fred Wacker

8. #2 Cadillac-Meyer Special driven by Bruce Stevenson

9. #4 Ford-Fiat driven by Paul O'Shea

10. #34 H.R.G. driven by Fritz Koster

11. #57 Healey Silverstone driven by Jim Simpson

12. #37 MG driven by Jim Stiles

13. #3 Cisitalia driven by Jim Magee

14. #6 Crosley driven by Steve Lansing

15. #108 Cisitalia driven by Joe Ferguson

16. #103 Chrysler-Allard K2 driven by Fred Zeder

17. #5 MG driven by Jim Pauley


Jul 14 2009 Howard Kroplick 2:15 PM

Harley Gene writes:

Please look closely at the first 9 seconds of the film clip. I have never seen the tow car that is pulling a vintage race car. Anyone know about that tow car? The body work is superb.

Jul 17 2009 guy 12:24 PM

The Effyh arriving at the 1951 Bridgehampton races was owned by Charles Kotchian and piloted by John Fitch, who won the race for small bore cars (not on film clip). Bruce Stevenson, the instigator of the street races at Bridgehampton later became an Effyh distributor. Fitch also won the Giants Despair Hillclimb in 1950 with this same car. I think this was the introduction of the Effyh to the US. The history of the car for the next few years remains a mystery, but an Effyh was found in a barn at Brynfan Tyddyn and was refurbished and driven by Jack Dupont in 1955. Guess who owns that car today?

Jul 19 2009 Howard Kroplick 4:07 PM

Hi Guy:

Thanks for the information. The owner of that EFFYH is the handsome gentleman in the photo in this post:




Jul 19 2009 Walter McCarthy 10:31 PM

Hi Howard, Thank you for digging up information on the film! It’s all very interesting.  Regards,  Walter

Jul 20 2009 Howard Kroplick 11:20 PM

tfman54 writes:

As a veteran of several Bridgehampton Historic Rallys….we run a lap over the old road course at every event it was great seeing one of the original races of the fifties. wish I could have been there but had to settle for the race circut events of the 1960s Thanks again for this excellent AUTOMOBILIA

Aug 04 2009 Tom 9:32 AM

Fantastic clip!

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