Mar 29 2009

Then & Now: Entrance to the Meadow Brook Lodge from Merrick Avenue in Westbury

One of my favorite photos in the book The Long Island Motor Parkway is this 1910 image of the entrance to the Meadow Brook Lodge.

The entrance/exit ramp and sign to the lodge were located on the south side of the Long Island Motor Parkway and west of Merrick Avenue in East Meadow. The Meadow Brook Lodge, one of the three original toll lodges, can be seen in the distance, while the beginning of the parkway bridge over Merrick Avenue is to the right of the three men.


This is the same ramp as seen in 2008. Instead of approaching a toll lodge, it leads to a parking lot of the New York Community Bank.


Mar 29 2009 Art 10:40 PM

Hi Howard - I went over to the lot and looked around for any remaining artifacts where the Parkway would have been.  Unfortunately, nothing was found.

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