Jun 19 2010

Article “Black Beast Roars” & a Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Festival Highlight

On Friday, the online newspaper Garden City Patch published an article "The "Black Beast Roars at Village Hall" describing last week's visit to campaign for a local Motor Parkway parkland. The article features 21 photos, a video and a history of the "Black Beast".


What a great day at the Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Festival in New Britain, Connecticut on Saturday... huge crowd, amazing cars, beautiful weather and a wonderful cause. One highlight of the day was the Alco "Black Beast" lining up with the Corbin "Cannonball". More photos from the Festival will be posted next week.


Jun 20 2010 Robert E. Richer 1:06 PM

Wonderful to have been able to see the BB both at Greenwich and at Klingberg!  So great that you were able to actually run the car at Klingberg for the immense pleasure of large numbers of spectators at Klingberg, too.

And weren’t we lucky to have such splendid weather at both events?

Thanks for the images of Greenwich.  First I’ve seen.

If I dig around long enough, I think I could find my Hertz Shelby card allowing me to rent one of the gold and black demons!


Aug 10 2010 Roberto M Rodriguez 12:18 AM

The Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Festival was a blast! We so enjoyed showing the Seal Cove Auto Museum’s Corbin and seeing the “Black Beast”.

Here’s an idea… bring the “Black Beast” up to Mount Desert Island and we can race it and the Corbin along the Crooked Road to Bar Harbor.


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