Apr 12 2009

The most dramatic image of the Vanderbilt Cup Races

One of the stirring moments that built the legend of the Vanderbilt Cup Race occurred at the Hairpin Turn during the1906 race.

A spare tire and rim strapped to the back of the French #18 Lorraine-Dietrich broke loose and began to thrash the gas tank. Riding mechanician Franville clutched the heavy mounted tire and lost his balance. Just as the car skidded through the turn, the driver Arthur Duray handled the tight corner with one hand on the wheel while rescuing his assistant with his left arm.

Drivers navigating the Hairpin Turn can can be seen in this film.


Apr 12 2009 Bob Thomas 9:48 PM

Boy, they certainly don’t race that way any more!
Viva la France!

Apr 13 2009 jim poole 10:22 PM


Your stewardship of this part of our American History is nothing short of excellent.  It is hard to express thanks for bringing these videos to so many of us who share in this history of auto racing.

Thank you.

Jim Poole

Apr 20 2009 Howard Kroplick 10:28 PM

Hi Jim:

Thanks for your comment!

Your grandfather Al Poole can be seen at the same Hairpin Turn in the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race film acting as the mechanician for Joe Tracy in the Locomobile.




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