Apr 10 2010

Film “A Real Fast Ride”- A Musical Tribute to William K. Vanderbilt Jr.

Today I have a real treat for everyone... a special musical tribute to William K. Vanderbilt Jr. The song "A Real Fast Ride" was written and sung by Christopher V.L. Giffuni, a CPA whose hobby is songwriting and playing the guitar. I have added photos from my collection to match his lyrics:

"A Real Fast Ride" by Christopher V.L. Giffuni

Willie K.V. was a wealthy young man.

Carved a 40-mile racetrack, through some farmers' lands.

Dug himself wells so he could mix up cement.

First bridges in the country he built...about 1910.

Started in the city and ended at a lake.

It wandered through the hillsides, and ran across a plain.

Willie liked the action on the business side.

But what he really lived for, man...was a real fast ride!

He built his Motor Parkway

'cross the island.

Built himself a tollhouse right on it

or two.

Trees, streams and cow paths

were diverted, cast aside.

All he really wanted

was a real fast ride.

What he really lived for

was a real fast ride!

(Guitar Interlude)

Willie K's master plan went astray

when Bobby Moses showed up at his desk one day.

Bobby said; "Sell me your right-of-way".

Willie K said; "No I won't"...and it became his judgment day.

Now was it just pride or simply the fear.

Of losing his ride looking back, it's really not clear.

Angels and demons were racing through his mind.

His focus, then I know...was a real fast ride!

100 years have come and gone

since it started.

Willie K and Bobby M are

long since gone.

Remnants of his track are strewn far and wide.

And the sad fact remains that,

Willie lost his fast ride.

He lived and he died

still chasing the ride.

He was no different than me and you.

We all want that fast ride.

Thanks Christopher ... Willie K. would be proud!


Apr 12 2010 Bob Thomas 6:37 PM

Very, very nice. Thank you.
I did not realize that Willie K. lived so long and saw the evolution of the auto from those days in the early 1900’s to the 1940’s.

Apr 15 2010 Kevin Kearon 11:15 AM

Awesome.  One of my favorite moments in life is the discovery of a brilliant new dimension in a friend.  Bravo Chris !

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