May 03 2011

In Search of Alcos: #9 1913 Alco Model 6 Berline Limousine at Crawford Auto Aviation Museum

Over the last three months, we have attempted to document the Alco "12"- the 12 existing rebuilt and restored cars made originally by the American Locomotive Company in Providence, Rhode Island. The ninth Alco is a 1913 Alco Model 6 Berline Limousine at the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum, A Collection of Western Reserve Historical Society, in Cleveland, Ohio.



When this 1913 Alco was owned by Whitney Snyder of Sewickley, Pennsylvania, it was featured in a Long Island Automotive Museum postcard.


The Western Reserve Historical Society has provided the following specifications and history on the car:

Maker: American Locomotive Company, Providence, Rhode Island

Date of Origin: 1913

Description: Four door Limousine. Black, white, and blue body. Black fenders. Whitewall tires with blue woden spoked wheels and brass hub caps. Two black headlights with brass trim. Brass handled crank starter. Black grill with exposed fill cap. Black hood with brass hinges and handles. Two vents on front wall on each side for cabin ventilation. Wood trimmed two-sectioned windshield with adjustable top section. Brass electric horn on passenger's side. Driver's side mounted spare tire, recessed into running board. Brass door handles. Wood trimmed side windows. White rubber covered running boards with brass trim. Brass electric lanterns on the "B" pillar. Two access doors to undercarriage on each side under rear doors. Rear doors with with brass handles. Wood trimmed side vent windows. Rear window. "Leather" covered hardtop. Roof has a center section that projects upward, with wood trimmed side vent windows. Collapsible rear luggage rack. Rear brass gas cap and electrical lights. Interior: Brass steering shaft with wooden steering wheel. Black leather bench seat. Brass instruments and gauges. Brass handled levers. Ceiling light. Side windows retract with twist handle. Communication speaker on driver's side. Three glass windows separate the front and rear cabins. Gray cloth bench seats and walls with blue and white floral trim. Collapsible extra passenger seats in front of rear bench seat. Side door windows roll down. Side rear windows and front center window retract. All windows have brown cloth shades. Two ceiling lights. Speaker amplifier to driver on driver's side rear next to passenger bench seat.

Details: Color :Black, blue, and white body.

Marks:"Alco" on vents in front of windshield. Two identification plates on each side near front of the running boards. "Alco American Locomotive Company" on center of wheels, on top center of grill frame.

Height: 98"

Width: 69"


Vehicle Type: Model Six

Type/Style: Berline Limousine

Engine/Power Plant: 6 cylinder

Performance: BHP 60

Original Factory: $7,200 (equivalent to $162,500 today)

Comments: Restored by Schaffer and Long Inc. of Magnolia, New Jersey in the mid-1960s.

Provenance: Previous owners: William P. and G. Whitney Snyder of Sewickly, Pennsylvania. Original owner unknown.

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