Nov 17 2011

Heavy Equipment Crew Visits the Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge

The effort to restore the Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge in the Old Bethpage Village Restoration made great progress last Monday with the arrival of a heavy equipment crew.


 The equipment and workers were contracted through the a donation by a member of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society and aided by a  discounted rate from Bulldog Contracting based in Nesconset.






The primary goal for the day was to remove an obsolete 14-inch wide concrete flood  wall on the north side of the bridge.








The wall took about three hours to take down.












With the concrete wall removed, major debris was taken away including; tires, a washing machine and parts of a car.







  The pavement of the Motor Parkway has been uncovered after 50 years!







Views of the bridge at the end of the day.








Watch the amazing clean-up of the Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge over the last seven months.

The next Clean-Up Day is currently being scheduled with Old Bethpage Village Restoration. Check back on for the time and date.


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Nov 18 2011 js73751 7:32 AM


Nov 19 2011 Joseph (Motorpky) Debono 6:54 AM


Nov 20 2011 Edith Patricia Klarmann 7:19 AM

Fotos after cleanup reminds me of the Western approach to the LIMP bridge crossing over Ruland Road… that is, from the 1950s when this section was, in and of itself, our private bicycle path (See earlier comments regarding my query as to LIMP from Broad Hollow Road thru Colonial Springs Road).
Great work… as this septuagenarian looks forward with anticipation to receiving these weekly E-mails/reports.

Nov 20 2011 Art 8:12 AM

Nice to see progress having been made.  Glad to be a part of it.  Looking forward to additional clean-up efforts at the OBVR and elsewhere

Nov 20 2011 David Rose 8:34 AM

Absolutely wonderful…....congratulations.

Nov 20 2011 Howard Kroplick 12:19 PM

From Dave M:

“Although I probably will never see the overpass in person, it is great to see history preserved.

Howard, you bring a lot of joy to peoples’ lives.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!”

Nov 21 2011 Ken Wiebke 2:29 AM

great job of work. Congratulations to all who participated.  What was the original paving material used on the Vanderbilt motor parkway?  I suppose something might be considered to restoring the road way at least to prevent the return of unwanted growth.  Also, I suppose a dumb question did the original parkway go over or under the bridge?

Nov 21 2011 tom 9:06 AM

Great job to all who have participated. Thanks for saving a piece of history!

Nov 21 2011 BRUCE ADAMS 10:47 AM

Its been SOOOO rewarding to be a part of the revitalization of the LIMP as it passes through Old Bethpage Village.

Can’t wait to hook up with the next phases as they come to being.

Nov 22 2011 Howard Kroplick 11:34 PM

From Ann:

“Great job on the cleanup on the bridge at the Restoration Village. My son has been excited about being a part of the clean up.”

Nov 25 2011 Howard Kroplick 10:22 PM

Hi Ken:

The Motor Parkway was a concrete surface later covered by asphalt. The Motor Parkway was on top of the Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge.


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