Nov 14 2011

From the Frank P. Krug Family Collection: Unique Views of Krug’s Hotel

Kathie C, the great grand-niece of Frank P. Krug, has provided these images of Krug's Hotel, one of the most famous hotels on the Vanderbilt Cup Race courses (1904, 1905 and 1906):

This 1809s postcard or ad notes "Krug's Hotel, Mineola, Rendezvous of the 90s." The hotel was located on the north-west corner of Jericho Turnpike and Willis Avenue.





The copy on the back of this 1914 postcard reads "Location of Famous Krug's Corner, Long Island; most popular auto stop. Is only 20 miles from Broadway, New York, on the Jericho Turnpike at Mineola. Modern Hotel. Service A La Carte. Open All Year. Telephone 1075 Garden City." Check out the planes and trolley on Willis Avenue.






This photo shows the three Frayer-Miller racers practicing for the 1906 American Elimination Trial in front of the hotel.







A closer view of the racer in front of the hotel shows driver Lee Frayer and his 16-year old mechanician Eddie Rickenbacker, the future "Ace of Aces".








A gathering of automobiles at Krug's.





 Can anyone identify these two automobiles parked at Krug's?









Thanks Kathie and the Krug family for contributing to!

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Nov 15 2011 Jean-Yves Lassaux 3:30 AM

Hi Howard,
The racing car is the Isotta-Fraschini (or the same one) which Harry Grant drove in the 1913 Indianapolis 500 and Elgin National Trophy. He also drove this car in the 1914 Vanderbilt Cup at Santa Monica and broke a piston during the first lap. Then Ray Gilhooley drove it in the 1914 Indianapolis 500 and crash it on lap 42.

Nov 15 2011 Howard Kroplick 1:58 PM


Great job! I am impressed!!


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