Apr 28 2016

Mystery Friday Foto #18: An Abandoned Building Located Near the Long Island Motor Parkway

Al Velocci has provided the most challenging Mystery Foto of 2016.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • What is the exact location of the building and the orientation of the photographer? Provide a rationale using evidence in the photo.
  • What was Vanderbilt Field? Where was it located and what is on the site today?
  • What was the likely Motor Parkway entrance that the sign was pointing to?
  • What was the approximate year of the photo? Provide a rationale.
  • Bonus: What type of business was located in the building? Who was its owner?

All comments will be held unitl Monday night.

Please forward any supporting jpegs and photos to Howard@Kroplick.com .


Howard Kroplick


Sign:  (Arrow)


Reaches all points on Long Island  45 Miles Long

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