Aug 28 2014

Mystery Friday Foto #83:Can You Identify the Original Owner of “The Beast”?

Harry Reynolds of Sarasota, Florida and Richard Hodges of the U.K. challenge you to identify the original owner of "The Beast" (not the Black Beast) which was used as a tow-car at the 1951 Bridgehampton Races.

Five years ago, posted a film of the 1951 Bridgehampton Races.  This rare 16-mm film was provided by Walter McCarthy and the Long Island Old Car Club and had not been seen for over 25 years.

The race clip is wonderful. However, viewers were fascinated by a futuristic tow-car seen at the 9-second mark. Check it out:


Back in 2009, Harry Reynolds, author of the book Formula III Racing in North America,  identified the tow-car's owner in 1951 as Charles (Chuck) Kotchan towing his Effyh for the Bridgehampton Race. Harry continued to research the car known as "The Beast" and attempted to discover the original owner. The answer was provided by Richard Hodges of the United Kingdom. Here is their virtually impossible Mystery Foto questions:

Mystery Foto questions:

-Who was "The Beast" originally built for?

-What was the original nickname for the car?

All comments will be held until Monday night.

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Howard Kroplick

Other Views of "The Beast"

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