Apr 25 2017

Sam & Dave’s “Excellent Motor Parkway Hike” II: Central Avenue to Caroline Street, Bethpage

 In the second of this new series, Sammy and Dave documented their excellent Motor Parkway hike from Central Avenue to Caroline Street in Bethpage.


Howard Kroplick

On Sunday, April 2, 2017, Dave Russo and his 12-year old son Sammy embarked on their third annual "Vanderbilt Day". Instead of duplicating the Queens to Melville route, they decided to hike the "unknown" sections of the Motor Parkway from Bethpage to Dix Hills.

Dave Russo April 2, 2017: "The original plan was to start at the Maxess Road Bridge and work our way east but we feared that would not be long enough so we decided on a new starting point.....The starting point was Stewart Avenue in Bethpage and we made our way to Dix Hills. This time we left the bikes at home and walked 13 miles. And not a normal 13 miles, there were large portions of the exploration through woods, thorns and thickets. We both came out with many scratches and bites, but at the end of the day we completed our mission and can add another chapter to the memory book!"

Hiking Area

1907 Survey

A 1907 survey of the Motor Parkway at Central Avenue and the LIRR.

.South of Central Avenue and LIRR

On top of the Central Ave embankment looking north at historical marker in the distance.

The same embankment (far right) as seen in 1908.

The historical marker

The completed Central Avenue/LRR Motor Parkway Bridge.

.North of Central Avenue and LIRR

What could this be? Remaining abutment piece from train bridge??? We never noticed this before. The location can be seen in the first photo,to the extreme left and next to the white fence.

Now remember the LIMP was consistently to the LEFT of the power lines, but now according to Wayne's map the LIMP takes a rather dramatic right hand turn over the present day Seaford Oyster Bay. Well we went over to the other side and found absolutely nothing. But we stayed to the left of 135 and found tons of road fragments!

We could send you ten more pictures of LIMP fragments like this one on the west side of 135. None on the east side.

South of Powell Avenue

Now this I believe might be our first major discovery of Vanderbilt Day III. Again Wayne's map shows the LIMP pretty much right in the middle of 135 in this location. But Sam actually veered to the west side of the thickets and found LIMP pavement in the weeds in this location (blue dot)!


Hard to argue with this!

Can anyone help with this one?

Tons of pavement everywhere.

Near Caroline Street

Now if we follow this same route north - we continue to find pavement everywhere and it leads us right up to the famous Caroline Street posts off in the upper left! This would explain the location of these posts. Maybe there is some sort of mistake or issue when mapping this location using old aerials? Maybe something is off. I'm not the cartographer of the bunch, that honor belongs to Frank, but what I can tell you as the guy on the ground is that along this path that we walked there is pavement everywhere and it leads right up to the Caroline Street posts and stays to the left of the lines as it always did....consistency! And then it takes the sharp right hand easterly turn, following to the left of the lines again, into Bethpage State Park. 

Caroline Street posts