Aug 10 2010

The Eight Intact Long Island Motor Parkway Bridges

Question from Charlie S: "How many original Long Island Motor Parkway bridges are still standing and intact?"

Update: Charlie, between 1908 and 1926, 65 Motor Parkway bridges were built to bypass major roads, rail lines and to provide access to farmland split by the road. A total of eight bridges are still standing and intact; five in Queens, two in Nassau County and one in Suffolk County:


73rd Avenue, Queens


Hollis Hills Terrace, Queens


Springfield Boulevard, Queens


Wheeler Farmway Bridge, Queens


Alley Pond Park, Queens


Old Courthouse Road, Manhasset Hills, Nassau County


Old Bethpage Village Restoration, Old Bethpage, Nassau County


Sandpits, Melville, Suffolk County. 1972 image courtesy of Margaret and George Vitale.

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Sep 29 2010 Steven 6:24 AM

The last photo, “Sandpits, Melville, Nassau County”, is that the same as the site of the Maxess Road Bridge, in Melville, NY 11747. While using Google Earth, I saw pictures of the old bridge, near 135 Maxess Rd. ( just east of Rte. 110 ).
Is Sandpits the same as Maxess Rd. Brige or is that a different one in Melville?

Sep 29 2010 Howard Kroplick 10:20 AM

Hi Steven:

They are two different bridges. The Motor Parkway “Sandpit” Bridge is on private property west of Route 110 and not open to the public. The Maxess Bridge (only abutments remain) is located east of Route 110:


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