Feb 13 2013

Watching the 1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race in Floral Park

Walt Gosden, Village Historian of Floral Park, has provided these photos from the village archives. The race photos were taken from the Creedmoor Branch Railroad Bridge over Jericho Turnpike.



Howard Kroplick


The #6 Pope Toledo driven by Herb Lytle. The #18 Mercedes driven by William Luttgen. Unidentifed race car heading east on Jericho Turnpike. Looking east from the bridge, cars returning from the Vanderbilt Cup Race grandstand in Westbury.


Feb 14 2013 Bob Krysiak 5:19 PM

Love the photos, Howard. I’d love to see a photo of the original bridge built in the late 1860s.

Feb 14 2013 Steve 8:13 PM

Great photo’s! Are there more photo’s you could post of the surrounding area too?

Feb 17 2013 S. Berliner, III 9:08 AM

In the last photo, the car on the left in the fourth rank back is a landaulet or some such closed car, not a touring car.  The Master Nitpicker (a.k.a. Sam, III)

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