Sep 16 2014

Walter P. Chrysler’s Granddaughter and Great-Grandson Reconnect with Chrysler’s Chrysler

On September 14, 2014 , Gwynne McDevitt, granddaughter of Walter P. Chrysler, and her son Frank Rhodes Jr., reconnected with Chrysler's Chrysler at the Radnor Concours d'Elegance in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

This historic automobile was built for Walter P. Chrysler as a gift for his wife Della and inherited by Mrs. McDevitt's mother Bernice Chrysler Garbisch. Mrs. McDevitt recalled playing with the buttons in the back seat when she was child.

In this one-minute video, Steve Babinsky of Automotive Restorations showed Gwynne McDevitt and Frank Rhodes Jr. the unique spring-loaded power-assisted rear windows and door lock feature of the automobile. John Cuocco then gave Mrs. McDevitt a chauffeur-driven ride.




Howard Kroplick

Gwynne McDevitt and her son Frank Rhodes Jr. check out the interior of the automobile built built for Mrs. McDevitt's grandmother Della Chrysler.

Mrs. McDevitt went for a ride in an automobile inherited by her mother Bernice Chrysler Garbisch.

Mrs. McDevitt remembered playing with these same buttons in the back seat as a child.

Chrysler's Chrysler and the Gwynne McDevitt's 1967 Chrysler 300 2-Door Convertible. Ms. McDevitt's is the original owner.

Gwynne McDevitt and Howard Kroplick celebrate their Radnor Concours d'Elegance awards for their automobiles.

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Sep 17 2014 Ron Ridolph 1:32 AM

Hi Howard:  What could be next coming from you ??????  What a story and what an
event in anyone’s life.  I share your joy and endeavors !!!!  Great Going !!!!!!

  Best Wishes and Cordially,  Ron Ridolph

Sep 17 2014 Ted 5:44 PM

What other experiences can you have ,trying to preserve history, you top them all, it never ends with you, every time you do something you make history. I guess that’s why you’re a historian.

Sep 21 2014 Noel Gish 10:33 AM

  A great restoration on the Chrysler as one would expect. It is your effort to reconnect the people (Mrs. McDevitt) from the cars past that is truly nifty. Bravo on saving the car and bringing it to life.

Jan 09 2015 Tom 10:41 PM

I like the ‘67 300 as well!  Not seen to often at shows.

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