Apr 25 2012

VanderbiltCupRaces.com Exclusive:  New Evidence of the Melville Sand Pits Motor Parkway Bridge

More evidence has surfaced that the last intact Motor Parkway in Suffolk County is still standing in the Melville Sandpits near Route 110.


The current owners of the Melville sandpits have publicly stated that the entire bridge was demolished over the last decade. However, a Bing Map "bird's eye view" of the area clearly indicates the bridge the bridge is still standing.


This recent photo from a public road confirms that the bridge...at least the south abutment...is very much still there.



Howard kroplick

Bing Map 2012 view of the Melville Sandpits Bridge.

Photo of the bridge taken in 1981 by Ron Ridolph.

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Apr 29 2012 James 6:58 AM

In the interest of preserving such an important part of Long Island’s increasingly fascinating history it would be hoped that the owners of the sand pits allow more access for some photographic documentation by key members of The Vanderbilt Cup Races principles.

Apr 29 2012 Bruce Adams 11:40 AM

Great going, Howard !
Wouldn’t it be neat if someone could FLY BY the site and snap a dated photo of the bridge?

Dec 23 2012 Howard Kroplick 5:14 PM

From Ron Ridolf:

This past summer on one of my Long Island visits, I endeavored and attempted
to re-photograph the bridge.  I was denied access to the location at the scale house
and due to it being a Friday and a bit late, their office was vacated at this time.  I
then called their office and was flatly denied and was told no photgraphs !!! I then
copied my previous photographs and sent it to them hoping for a reply and none

Today, I called and left a message for possible admission to the site to do
a photo shoot.  Having said all of this, I give you my data, information and findings
so that perhaps you gentleman can pick up the ball and run with this ?!?!?!?.

Previous photos:  Probably were taken on a late weekday night or Saturday as
there was only a foreman or security guy present and he let me do the shoot as this
was back in the early 80’s.  At this time, the location was Farmingdale Materials
and Clifford Broman.  Today it is Clifford Broman and by his son Chester along
with Rachel Broman as noted on Corporation filings and now known as 110 Sand

My phone call during the summer months went to Carole Golden who
is the office manager.  Jennifer took the call and rolled it over to Carole.  I was
also denied in speaking to any of the owners or managers at this time. In waiting
a long period of time for a reply, I opted to call today and spoke to Jennifer and I
also left a message to Carole Golden for a reply. Jennifer did remember me as my
photographs and letter was ever present in her mind.

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