Sep 25 2019 Exclusive:63 Photos Discovered of the Mustang III Being Built at DST in 1964.

Last week, I obtained 63 original negatives of the 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car being built in the summer of 1964 at Dearborn Steel Tubing, Ford's prototype maker.

The photos were accompanied by an original draft of an article on the Mustang III by Alex Walordy which was published in Custom Craft magazine in April 1965.

These photos and the draft will be posted in future issues of Here are some highlights.


Howard Kroplick

Designer Vince Gardner working on the Mustang III.


Sep 27 2019 Gary Hammond 12:20 AM

Howard,    What a unique treasure trove of documentation for an already unique automobile - to be able to have construction photos of a specific auto which still exists - congrats!!!
Howard Kroplick

Gary, yes, very exciting!

Sep 29 2019 Roger A Price 12:50 PM

It’s amazing that those Mustang photos are still around .  Usually, things like that have a way of disappearing.  Thanks for sharing them with us.  BEAUTIFUL!

Oct 19 2019 Steve Tremulis 9:22 AM

That’s Vince Gardner working the molds. Here he is working on a rear spoiler for a Mustang project with Alex Tremulis. Together they also built the body for the Gyronaut X-1 motorcycle streamliner, the World’s Fastest Motorcycle from 1966 to 1970. Looking forward to more shots of the Mustang III being built!


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