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Video of the Week “Willie K. in an Auto Boat Race on the Hudson”

Auto boat race on the Hudson (1904).

Uploaded on Apr 15, 2010

The single camera position was from the point of view of the judge of the course. The films shows a boat race between small, motor-driven speed boats, which were approximately twenty feet long with the inboard engine decked over. Many boats of various designs and spectators can be seen as if the locale were a yacht club basin or yacht mooring. Participants in the race were W. K. Vanderbilt, Jr.'s Hard Boiled Egg; The Standard, which won the championship and had never been beaten; the Vingt et Un; the F.I.A.T.; the Shooting Star; the Japansky, the Kotic the Nada.

Copyright: Thomas A. Edison, Inc.; 18Jun04; H47332.
Cameraman, G. W. Bitzer.
Filmed June 11, 1904 at the Columbia Yacht Club in Hudson River, New York City.

Motorboat racing--Hudson River.

Bitzer, G. W., 1872-1944, camera.
Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)

awal 1951 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.mbrsmi/awal.1951




Howard Kroplick

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Oct 24 2014 Joe C 3:32 PM

I enjoyed the Shelby video you brought to us , it was great , and yes I am a Shelby fan . Thank You

Oct 25 2014 Ted 10:52 PM

Hope to see the Chryslers Chrysler tomorrow. I wasn’t going to go, but now I want to see the 1962 Chrysler Imperial that you posted, then leave, after taking a quick look at the rest of the vehicles, then go to another show.

Oct 28 2014 Ted 5:20 PM

I’m glad I went to the Cradle of Aviation show on Sunday. It was a good turn out. even if I thought the 1962 Chrysler Imperial was going to be there and it wasn’t. You were there and to watch the people looking at YOUR CAR in amazement and some saying. I have never seen such detailed work of beauty and the interest they had in it, asking you questions. The best part was you showing the power windows, most of them were amazed at that. I just enjoyed watching all the reaction of the people looking at the car and it’s all live and in person

Oct 28 2014 Ted 10:35 PM

There’s an event on this Saturday, rain date Sunday, at the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, Touch A Truck. You can get details on WBAB

Dec 01 2014 Ted 12:20 AM

It was a large turnout at Fort Totten. It’s a most see place to go, lots of artifacts and remnants to see. I’ plan on going to the book signing on Saturday 12/6

Dec 13 2014 Steve Lucas 4:38 PM

Hello Howard,
That DeSoto ad sure brought back memories. My dad was a mechanic at a Plymouth-DeSoto dealership in Long Island City back in the 1950’s and my first car when I started driving was that exact 1957 that Groucho was promoting. It had a 341 C.I. “Hemi” engine and was extremely fast. Thanks for that film clip.


Dec 28 2014 H. Robert Greenbaum 1:45 PM


You never fail to please.  I had a silver split window coupe in ‘63 (Sonny bought it for me in college), but my favorite was the ‘62 before that, bought at cost from Sam Luby for $3,680. in exchange for Granddad’s getting him a box at Hialeah.  What grand old days.

Stay well,
H. Robert Greenbaum

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