Jul 21 2009

Three More Spectacular 1904 Photos

I am posting three more previously unpublished 1904 photos from a scrapbook album which I recently acquired. The above photo is probably the sharpest image ever shown of the spectators at the Westbury grandstand at the 1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race.


Here is what lower Manhattan and New York Harbor looked like in 1904. That's the Brooklyn Bridge to the right. In the center is the 58-ton Tug Primrose built on January 8, 1903 by William D. Ford of Athens, New York for R.J.Foster. Its 15 1/2" x 20" engine was built by Skinner & Arnold. You gotta love Google!


Here, driver George Heath in his French #7 Panhard can be seen waving to the crowd after completing the initial lap of the 1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Heath went on to win the first international road race held in the United States.

Click here to see the initial photos from the scrapbook.


Jul 25 2009 Bob Thomas 3:40 PM

Crowd control was non-existant in those days; it looks almost like a crowd at a modern bicycle race.

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