Aug 02 2010

Postcards from the Long Island Automotive Museum (#13-17)

The Long Island Automotive Museum offered a wide array of related merchandise including; jewelry, label buttons, photos, model car kits, china and series of postcards. As described in this brochure , provided by Walter McCarthy, there were at least four series of postcards published featuring the cars of "Henry Austin Clark, Jr. and other noted collections". Here are five more postcards (#13-17) from one of the series. Remember to click on the image to enlarge it.

#13: 1906 Locomobile, Vanderbilt Cup Racer, 4 cylinders, 120 HP, Price new: $18,000



#14: 1906 Studebaker, Touring Car, 4 cylinders, 30 HP, Model G, Price new: $3,750



#15: 1907 Ford, Touring Car, 6 cylinders, 40 HP, Model K , Price new: $3,000



#16: 1909 Jackson, Touring Car, 4 cylinders, 30 HP, Model H, Price new: $1,650



#17: 1910 Buick, Toy Tonneau, 4 cylinders, 18 HP, Model 10, Price new: $1,150



Watch for more Long Island Automotive Museum postcards to be posted this summer.

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Jun 21 2014 Owen Parker 12:58 AM

Are these series of cards available for sale anywhere these days ?
If so where and what price as I may be interested in purchasing.
From Howard Kroplick

The best place to find these postcards is ebay:,417,1&_mPrRngCbx=1&_armrs=1&_sacat=0&_nkw=Long+Island+automotive+Museum&_lncat=0&_arm=1&_armm=94&_ruu=

Nov 27 2014 Roberto Rodriguez 12:16 PM

We have a large selection of postcards from the Long Island Automotive Museum for sale through the Gift Shop at the Seal Cove Auto Museum. Send an email to Eric at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and ask for the postcard list and pricing.

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