Sep 14 2019

Tucker 1044 Highlights From The Fourth Edition of The Bridge

Tucker 1044 was honored to be invited to the fourth annual edition of The Bridge held on the hallowed grounds of the original Bridgehampton Race Circuit.

Here are highlights of the Tucker 1044 and some of the 250 amazing automobiles on display. Above photo courtesy of Rob Ida.


Howard Kroplick

Tucker 1044 Highlights

Courtesy of Sean Tucker

Tucker 1044 was on display in front of the clubhouse.

From left to right: Mike Tucker, Bob & Stephanie Rubin (owners and hosts of The Bridge), me and Sean Tucker.

The Tucker 1044 Team Reunites!

Scenes from The Bridge

Sections of the original track circuit.

A 1966 retractable Mustang Convertible

Phil Schwartz' Purple People Eater Corvette.

De Tomasco P72


Sep 15 2019 Dmitri Shvetsov 11:18 AM

Hi Howard:
Great show at the Bridge, we loved being there. Our Volga was placed at the other side of the field, by the art show. But Tucker had the greatest spot and it look magnificent.

Sep 15 2019 Dick Gorman 7:21 PM

Wish I had been at the Bridge event. I raced on that track in my Porsche Speedster and later in a Formula V King race car. The polished aluminum car seen in your last photo is a Glockler Porsche which I saw racing at the street circuit in Bridgehampton around 1951 or1952 driven that day by none other than Max Hoffman, the man responsible for importing all those wonderful european cars back at the beginnings of the wave of interest here in oh so many cool sports cars ... early ‘50s.

Sep 18 2019 Howard Kroplick 1:08 PM

Jordan Schreck

As the modern lambos left for the day was able to get this shot of a car much more ahead of its time following them out. #tucker48 @thebridge.hamptons

Zurich Classic Motors

This was such a highlight for me. So many thoughtful innovations. The door cut into the roofline which the Corvette and others picked and other up in the early 60s. Such an enduring tribute to the power of wish, tenacity and perseverance!

Oct 31 2019 Ron Troy 8:29 PM

That first photo shows well just how sleek the Tuckers are.

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