Sep 24 2009

New Booklet “Historic Road Racing in Milwaukee”

John B.Haydon has just written a 32-page booklet on the road races on his hometown entitled "Historic Road Racing in Milwaukee: The 1912 Vanderbilt Cup, Grand Prizer and Related Road Races". This excellent summary includes several photos and memorabilia from my collection including the pennant on the above cover.

Here is the press release on the booklet:

Historic Vanderbilt Cup Booklet for Sale

As part of the July 2012 anniversary reunion celebration of the Vanderbilt Cup and Grand Prize international road races held in Milwaukee in 1912, a 28-page booklet has been published containing an historical account of this famous event. In addition to extensive details, the booklet includes interesting aspects of these races, background on individual drivers who competed, as well as numerous tables and pictures. This booklet provides a fascinating historical insight into this significant motoring event.

The booklet is being offered for sale by the author at $10 each, plus a mailing charge of $1.25 if mailed. To obtain copies, send your check to:

John Haydon

317 East Acacia Road

Fox Point, WI 53217

John, I enjoyed reading the booklet and highly recommend it to Vanderbilt Cup Race fans.


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