Jan 15 2009

Video: The Alco Black Beast Racer Arrives On Long Island

The restored 1909 Alco-6 Black Beast Racer arrived on Long Island on Tuesday, January 13, 2009.



The proud new owner in front of the restored Alco Black Beast Racer.


Driver Howard Kroplick and mechanician Roz Kroplick enjoying the car.


Jan 15 2009 Rich R. 9:47 AM


Of course, it’s wonderful to see all the great photos, both old and new.  But, to see the car in person is really jaw-dropping.  It’s both exciting and difficult for me to imagine No. 8 tearing along a 100-year old road at speeds that we don’t drive today!  Truly an amazing vehicle! 

Great work in bringing an historic - and important - piece of Long Island back home!


Jan 16 2009 Mark Dill 11:08 AM

Hi Howard.

This looks great! Is the car now located at the Vanderbilt Museum? Terrific memorabilia creating a neat environment.

Jan 16 2009 bob valentine 12:46 PM

My wife and I just got back from Lumber Rd and the car looks great. Too bad No 16 isnt still on the Island what a picture that would make. The added feature is the way the car is displayed..car stuff all around. Again congrats.

Bob Valentine

Jan 16 2009 Howard Kroplick 11:44 PM

Rich, Mark, and Bob:

Thanks for the posts!

The “Black Beast” will be temporarily can be seen at its current location at 55 Lumber Road in Roslyn.

I have begun discussions with the Vanderbilt Museum to find a home for later this year.



Jan 29 2009 Brooks Marston 1:19 PM


Our Great Grandfather Harry Grant would be proud to see what you have accomplished.  Thank You

Jan 29 2009 Dennis Kelly 1:23 PM

New Owner!  Congratulations Howard!  Will we see this storming the access road at the Nassau Museum next year?

Jan 29 2009 Chris Marston 1:44 PM

Howard thank you my great grandfather raced that beauty   Chris

Jan 30 2009 Tom Grant 6:27 PM

Howard:  It just keeps getting better and better.  Be well. Tom

Feb 12 2009 Howard Kroplick 9:02 PM

Thanks so much for the positive comments! Much appreciated!!


Aug 28 2009 Tom 12:11 PM

That is some fine piece of automotive machinery!

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