Apr 30 2009

The Motor Parkway House in Central Park (Bethpage) Updated: June 25, 2014

This rare 1908 photo from the Garden City Archives shows the Motor Parkway House located on Powell Avenue in Central Park (now Bethpage)during the construction of the parkway.


The big unknown is: What was the Motor Parkway House? Was it a hotel, the construction workers' sleeping quarters, or something else? Another LIMP mystery!


Update: Gary Hammond has solved the mystery of this building. As published in the July 4, 1908 issue of  The Long Island Enterprise, the building on Powell Avenue was a hotel:

July 4, 1908 The Long Island Enterprise 

            " M. Romscho has opened a new Motor Park Way Hotel and will soon be a competing factor for the vast business.   His location is on Powell Avenue, bordering the Great White Way.   Mr. Romscho's high local social and political antecedents are a guarantee of the future standing of the new caravansary. "    


Gary Hammond Notes: [1910 Census states: Mathias Romscho, age 42, born Germany, married 18 years, w/3 children, immigrated to U.S. in 1888, naturalized citizen, occupation - mason, general jobbing, owned home free (no mortgage); in 1911 Mathias Romscho was listed as having a hotel on Jerusalem & Central Ave.;  in 1915 listed at Central Ave. as Hotelkeeper]


May 04 2009 Mitch Kaften 2:14 PM

Howard, fascinating as usual! Any chance that you can identify the letters that are partly hidden by the trees? That could give a clue. How high-res is your scan?

May 07 2009 Howard Kroplick 4:56 PM


I tried!! We need CSI to take this mystery.


Jun 26 2014 frank femenias 1:41 AM

Nice sleuthing Gary! Didn’t know that magazine even existed.

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