Apr 02 2009

Louis Chevrolet-The most famous name in the Vanderbilt Cup Races

The most famous name in the Vanderbilt Cup Races held on Long Island was Louis Chevrolet. Chevrolet participated in more Vanderbilt Cup Races than any other driver (1905, 1908,1909 &1910). His name has become one of the most recognizable brands in American car history. For more information on Chevrolet, read this excellent profile by Dr. Mark DeSantis.

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Apr 06 2009 Mark Dill 9:03 PM

Hi Howard.

If I can plug my site, check out my feature article of the week. It’s actually several articles, but the most poignant is AP story from 1938 written by Don Pryor. Louis was about three years from passing away at the time. His son had died and he had suffered a stroke. He was an all but forgotten hero.
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