Apr 01 2010

Favorite Website: Porcelainplates.net-Motor Parkway License Plates

PorcelainPlates.net is the best website to learn all about the fascinating history of porcelain license plates from the United States and Canada. Developed by TV producer Eric Taylor, the website provides a state-by-state breakdown of almost every known variety of porcelain plates. Of course, my interest focuses on the Long Island Motor Parkway Plates section found in the New York Archive- Part II (scroll down a bit).

This section provides an overview of the Long Island Motor Parkway plates with much of the information provided by my favorite co-author Al Velocci. A real highlight is the compilation of Motor Parkway plates with photos showing the variety of color and design from year-to year. Some of the most unusual plates listed are:


Number 100 was assigned to William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. This 1937 plate was placed on his Chrysler .


This plate was found while excavating a pool in Old Brookville. It was donated to the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum which discovered the owner was E.F. Hutton.


Starting in 1922, the plate with the number 1 was issued to Willie K's friend Joseph P. Grier. He would have exclusive use of this number until the Motor Parkway closed in 1938.


All Long Island Motor Parkway plates, including this 1927 plate (blue background with orange copy), are highly collectible and sought after by collectors of license plates and Vanderbilia.Depending on their condition, Motor Parkway plates are typically valued from $2,500 to $4,000.


The rarest Motor Parkway plate is this 1927 #25 (orange background with blue copy) which was issued to the National Highway Association. According to Al Velocci (did I mention he is my favorite co-author?), the original two 1927 plates were damaged in shipment. Al Kienzle, the Motor Parkway's general manager, called Baltimore Enamel, the plates' manufacturer, and ordered "two more #25s in blue and orange". Baltimore Enamel apparently accidently reversed the color scheme creating a "one-of- two" treasure.

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