Feb 07 2012

The Length of the Long Island Motor Parkway

Ann: "What was the length of the Motor Parkway from Queens to Ronkonkoma?"

Ann, it is an excellent question with varying answers depending on the documents. Take a look.



This sign at the Western Terminus on Nassau Boulevard, Queens claimed a "50 Mile Drive". A Motor Parkway brochure/map noted "a comfortable drive on 45 miles of fine, fast private right of way, built exclusively for the use of motorists at a cost of over six million dollars." The "Try the Long Island Motor Parkway" ad promoted "45 miles in length" where one could "speed all you desire-unmolested." This brochure promoted the Queens extension noting "45 miles of fine, fast, private right of way." This Petit Trianon and Motor Parkway flyer claimed "45 miles in length, paved throughout and dustless." ...And, finally, the best source reference; A1936 memo from the Long Island Motor Parkway, Inc. The length of the road was 44.0 miles plus 2.1 miles of the Commack-Jericho Turnpike Extension.


Feb 12 2012 Phil 5:45 PM

I noticed in the first photo, a snow plow plowing the Motor Parkway. From the stories that I have heard from the people who have lived on Long Island for many years, a snow plow was rarely, if ever, seen in those days. It is interesting that those in charge of the Motor Parkway made sure the road was cleared of snow.

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