Mar 10 2018

The Impact of the Vanderbilt Cup Races: The Long Island Race Tracks

Sunday's new presentation in Westhampton will highlight the impact of the Vanderbilt Cup Races and the Motor Parkway on Long Island.

One impact preview: Due to the inability to control crowds, the Vanderbilt Cup Races established the need for protected auto racing tracks and professional race drivers.

As a result, these race tracks were among those built on Long Island. Sadly, only one has survived.


Howard Kroplick

Sheepshead Bay Race Track (1915-1919)

Freeport Speedway (1930-1983)

Roosevelt Raceway (1936-1940)

Islip Speedway (1947-1984)

Westhampton Raceway/Hampton Speedway/Long Island Dragway (1953-2004)

Bridgehampton Race Circuit (1957-1998)

Riverhead Speedway (1951-Current)


Mar 11 2018 Earl Gandel 3:43 AM

Hi, Howard,
This was a reminder that in 1982 we “borrowed” the Vanderbilt name at Bridgehampton and ran what we called “Vanderbilt Speed Weeks”, with AAMRR motorcycle road races and a motocross on one weekend followed by SCCA/EMRA sports car races the next. This was to celebrate the track’s 25th birthday. We sort of recreated the Cup for the event, using a picture from the Smithsonian as a guide.  Best regards, Earl

Mar 11 2018 Laura and Kenneth Harris 9:40 AM

Very nice presentation


Mar 11 2018 S. Berliner, III 12:52 PM

HA!  You left out the Roosevelt Raceway, where the VC races were run on 19 June 1960 on the flat, on a twisting road course laid out in the infield and around the trotting track.  I vas dere, Cholly (as was Old 16), and even snuck my XK120M drophead Jag out onto the course immediately after the race was over and got in a lap at speed before being chased off.  Not much of an auto racetrack but still it WAS one - AND it hosted a VCR!  Sam, III

Mar 11 2018 LMK 1:44 PM

Thanks for a glimpse in to what once was…..Enjoyed it…

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