Jan 24 2015

The Fresh Meadows Golf Driving Range near the Motor Parkway Western Terminus

After further examining our Mystery Foto #2, Mitch Kaften discovered another Queens landmark- the Fresh Meadows Golf Driving Range.

Located on Horace Harding Boulevard, the driving range was a 3-wood drive distance from the Western Terminus of the Long Island Motor Parkway.


Howard Kroplick

This aerial was taken on June 24, 1938. The driving range was just north of the North Hempstead Turnpike Motor Parkway Bridge seen just below the red box.

Another aerial view showing the driving range and the Western Terminus taken on July 23,1939

The Fresh Meadows Golf Driving Range-1941 (Submitted by Mitch Kaften)


Jan 25 2015 frank femenias 1:52 AM

I see what you mean Mitch. Thanks for the correction. They were teeing off towards the south in 1941! I had it sideways. I now wonder how many golf balls ricocheted off the N Hemp Tpke bridge over the years. Teeing there must have ended when construction continued on Francis Lewis Bl south of HHB. Those photos and aerials speak a thousand words and were fortunate they’ve recorded history as time goes by. Thanks again Mitch and Howard

Jan 25 2015 Roy Warner 9:48 AM

Thank you for posting the 1941 photo of the Horace Harding/Francis Lewis Blvd. intersection. Although I was born in 1948 after Francis Lewis Blvd. had been extended through Cunningham Park, I remember the lampposts and traffic lights, which were in use throughout the City at that time. Notice that the traffic light has only two beacons; red and green, without a yellow caution light. When the light turned from green to red, both the red and green would flash at the same time for about one second to provide a caution. The old cast iron style of lampposts are coming back in the City now, although I surmise that they are not really cast iron. I also distinctly remember the traffic jams and multiple lights at this location where Horace Harding, Francis Lewis and Hollis Court Blvds. intersected before the expressway was built. And soon after the expressway fully opened at this location in 1960, the Blue Bay Diner opened on the corner from which the photo is taken (1962), and Bishop Reilly was built due south abutting the south service road (1962), which is where the driving range is in the photo. Because I lived only four blocks north of the intersection, I essentially “grew up” at the location.

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