Jan 29 2019

The Fine Art of Photographer Jerry Keefer: The Tucker 1044

Jerry Keefer, one of the premiere automotive photographic artists in the world, visit the Waterfront at Roslyn Garage this month and spent over 10 hours with Tucker 1044. Here are a few examples of his Tucker 1044 artwork.




Jan 29 2019 John Tucker 11:21 PM

Very fine photography on a very fine Tucker.

Feb 03 2019 Roger A Price 11:16 AM

Beautiful photo work by Jerry.  I love his use of bokeh to blur out what he’s not focusing on.

Feb 03 2019 S. Berliner, III 9:55 PM

“Bokeh”?  HK, the pix wouldna been so great if you and your crew hadna done such an incredible job of restoration!  Bravi tutti!  Sam, III

Feb 07 2019 Tom 8:15 AM

Magnificent colors and clarity,,,

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