Feb 10 2012

Then & Now: The Annex to the Petit Trianon

When the Petit Trianon Inn was built in 1911 at the eastern terminus of the Motor Parkway in Lake Ronkonkoma, William K. Vanderbilt Jr. also commissioned an annex building for the staff. This is the Annex: Then & Now.


Howard Kroplick


Then: 1925 Blueprint

The relation of the annex to the Petit Trianon Inn, the lake and the Motor Parkway was shown in this 1925 blueprint. Like the Petit Trianon, the annex was designed by John Russell Pope and retained many of the features of the inn.

Then: 1950 Aerial

The two aerials can be seen in this aerial

Then: 1930s

By 1931, the Annex was converted into an inn by proprietor Max Greis

This Parkway Inn ad noted: "Excellent German Cooking, Airy Rooms, Also Good Refreshments".

The basement featured a German tavern called the Rathskeller.


Decades later, the Annex was converted into the Park Lake Rest Home. Images of the building were captured in 1981 by Ron Ridolph in one of his many journeys on the Motor Parkway

Now: 2006

In 2006, the building was taken down without any resistance and was purchased by a real estate developer.


Feb 12 2012 Maria Hansson 1:42 PM

That is a shame! People do not appreciate the beauty in architecture.

Feb 12 2012 James 6:38 PM

I first saw that building in 1958 during a family outing to the lake. My grandfather mentioned that it was associated with the Vanderbilt Parkway. I had no idea then what that meant except for the fact that a piece of that same parkway was just a few feet from my grandad’s self-built home in Bethpage. It is ever so important to preserve these incredibly important parts of our heritage.

Feb 14 2012 Margaret Vitale 12:11 PM

The Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society surely should have been aware of this travesty.

Feb 14 2012 al velocci 3:11 PM


Mar 17 2012 Dale Spencer 11:31 PM

Even more tragic is the fact that nothing was ever built on that spot after it was taken down. An important piece of Motor Parkway/Lake Ronkonkoma history destroyed for no good reason!

Oct 05 2012 wamalakabubile 5:41 PM

Sure anything of historical significance on Long island let’s just raze it & replace it with…......nothing. ‘cuz it’s old y’know and we gotta get rid of it.

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