Aug 13 2010

Film “Speedy” - Featuring Harold Lloyd, Babe Ruth and 1928 cars

Here is a real treat that I found on the H.A.M.B. website ...a five-minute clip of Harold Lloyd's 1928 film "Speedy". The film was Lloyd's last silent film and one of his best. Although, it is a bit off-topic, it does combine two of my passions, cars and baseball.

Shot on location in Manhattan and Los Angeles, it centers on Lloyd's bespectacled "Everyman" Harold "Speedy" Swift, an absolute Yankee baseball nut who tries to save the last horse-drawn trolley bus in New York, operated by his girlfriend's grandfather.

Look for these highlights:

-6 seconds: A 1928 view of the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge

-20 seconds: The Manhattan streets and traffic as seen in 1928

-1 minute, 36 seconds: Babe Ruth has a wonderful cameo as a nervous passenger in Speedy's "The Only One" taxicab being driving to "the Yankee Stadium".

-3 minutes, 5 seconds:The original Yankee Stadium which opened five years earlier.

-3 minute, 10 seconds: Look quick, that's Lou Gehrig in the background looking back towards Babe Ruth!

-3 minutes, 35 minutes: A wild ride in a horse-drawn trolley through Manhattan. I don't have a clue how they were able to film this

-4 minutes, 21 seconds: The ride ended in an unplanned crash into a pole. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. The driver was thrown from the trolley and the "uniformed person" riding in the front was a mannequin.

-4 minutes, 29 seconds: A bus ride through Los Angeles in 1928

Other segments from the film "Speedy"

-Opening credits

-Babe Ruth's trip to "the Yankee Stadium"

-Harold Lloyd and Jane Dillon at Coney Island

-Harold Lloyd keeps score of the Yankee game using food

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